Friday, May 30, 2014

The adventure continues....

Introducing Grch Ch Foggy Bottom Wdrs I Aim To Misbehave BN CGC TDI
I'm sort of smitten with the little suck up.  Though the photo isn't the best, honestly, his win photos all suck, but his candids are great.  I'm super happy that my MODERATE dog is appreciated by many judges.  I'm even happier that he's a balance dog, as in well earned titles at both ends.  Since he's on a hunger strike with multiple girls in season at home and decided it was time to change out of his winter jammies, we are heading out to do more that should actually make him tip to the right some.  If the weather holds we'll see if what he thinks about a coursing ability test aka CAT then it's back into the rally ring and gosh I hope we have enough time to get ready for work in novice for his CD.

Even more then the titles, his awesome temperament and willingness to work for me, I'm in absolute heaven with his kids.  Morty is so his daddy but bigger-I so wish I knew where that is coming from.  Monroe is her mother's daugther but such a lady.  Sherlock and Watson, it was so hard to tell them they weren't going into the show ring, they actually deserve it as much at the M twins, but they were destined for greater lives as awesome pets. 

Sigh, Smelly Dog......where are you taking me to next???

Later gators...

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