Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making my mind up for me

Love it when my dogs make my decisions for me-life is so much easier that way.  Typically its about someone coming in season when I least expect it or loosing hair that is needed for the show ring.  Then again, many times it's simply life.

With the big swing in June coming as in County Fair and all it's chaos, we also planned a few dog shows.  Ha!  What was I thinking???

Thank goodness Mal decided girls smelled too good to eat and since he's still in his winter pj's that maybe changing into his tank top and shorts was more appropriate for the weather. Decision made!   Instead of having to look purty, he's gonna add more titles to his tushy.  This weekend...CA test.   Then the hunt for a close rally trial to get that RN finished.  

Only issue now, Pete has hair.  I wish she were still naked, would make it easier to say no to the shows :)  We'll see how she does at the CAT this weekend first, then decide if it's worth it all.

What I don't get is how badly people want the wins and will go to extremes for them.  Putting bitches on hormones to stop them going into season.  Tons of supplements, crating them in the dark and cold basements, regulating light.  I guess that's why I never got into the whole show cattle thing.   Okay, enough of that.   I really try to just do as nature intended these days.  Twice I used a supplement to hold coat on a dog.  It ruined their coats for at least a year.  Nightmare.  What you see is what you get.  My vacuum would disagree with that though. 

Anyhow, scratch off the dogs shows, find me the trials and tests---I see a nice sun tan in my future!

Later gators....

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