Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We are in the middle of a huge change in our family.  Empty nest some call it.  Me?  It’s called a quiet house, okay quieter, dinners for two and lots less laundry!

Muff is headed off the Army bootcamp, Alec and Kristine are headed to MO.  What will I do with all my "spare" time?

We sat through Muff’s graduation a week ago.  Listened to two valedictorians and one salutatorian.  Very accomplished kids with 4.4 and higher gpa's.  They are headed to Harvard, Texas and U of I, full ride scholarships, double majors, going to be great and save the world. 

I’m sorry, I truly believe they will flourish in their chosen fields, no doubts.  But during their speeches, I heard lots about being doctors, lawyers and scientists.   I heard about making the world better, solving all our problems and having it all planned out.  I heard about kids that did excel in school, but I also heard of lot of "I" and "Me".  What I didn’t hear was their connection to their entire class.   It was about the 1% that never got a below an A. What I didn’t hear, was that regardless of what you intended to do out of high school, that you matter.  You may go to be an auto mechanic, a beautician, bookkeeper or a soldier.   But regardless of what you do, you matter and you will make a difference….in your own life and we hope, the lives of others.   

Those are supposed to be inspirational speeches, encouraging the class to go out, make the world their own.  I saw lots of yawns.  I saw kids who had not idea who the person sitting next to them was.  And kids that still had no idea what they wanted to do.  Where are the offering of words of wisdom or encouragement to the entire graduating class, just the 1%?  

We don’t all have to go to an ivy league college, get a 4.0, scholarships and awards from every organization.  We do though, need to feel wanted, that we can and will contribute to society and take pride in what we chose to do.

I hope that I have instilled in my children that what they do with their lives is not as much for themselves but that their choices are a benefit for others.  I pray that it is more than a simple career choice but a dedicated path they take that allows them to make a difference in someone else’s life.  That in and of itself will be worth more than money, fame and glory.   

So for you, the top of the class graduates, stop for a moment and wonder, where would you be giving that speech if the person hadn’t poured the concrete, the mechanic hadn’t fixed the wheel bearing on your car, the soldier hadn’t protected your right to freely speak and the farmer hadn’t grown the food you’ll be sharing at your party later on.   It’s not all about square roots, chemical compositions and following the letter of the law.  

I think as the time of last child’s journey to adulthood comes close, I’ve proudly participated in all their journey’s and hope my involvement encourages them to stay involved in life experiences and continue on throughout their adult lives, living a life of service and a life of love.  And that they know they can't do it without a contribution from everyone they meet.  Society can't function with out each person's contribution.

What a blessing my kids have been.  I’m doing the “omg my baby’s graduating and moving away".  I reflect on how my children have changed me for the better as well as what I’ve hopefully instilled in each one.   Empty nest?  Gosh I hope not.   I hope that they know they are always welcome to come home but just call first!   I might need to defrost more for dinner, this cooking for two thing will take some getting used to and I doubt I'll have lots of left overs in the fridge .

Just sayin'......

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Apologizes, again

I was dead set on doing at least a blog post a week.   New Year's resolution if you want to call it that.   I'm so bad at those!

We hit January at a dead run.  Legislation went all kinds of bonkers and we spent a lot of time emailing, calling and traveling to Des Moines to help fight for a person's right to continue to breed healthy, well cared for animals.   I'm happy to say it was a win on all 3 fronts this year.   Both bills in the house and senate are for the most part dead.   The abuse bill is also dead.  

For those going wait, wait, let me set the record straight.  I have no patience for a person who abuses, harms or  neglects any person or living being.  What I have an issue with is creating more laws to solve a problem, when in fact the current laws are very good but not being enforced by the justice system.  Fix that first then see if the laws need to be adjusted.

Legislative session hit it's 100th day this week, which means they are not being paid to work, so we will hear the final gavel soon so they can hit the campaign trails.

In between legislation battles, I was nominated from the floor and accepted a bid to run for the board of directors of the CWCCA.  I'm proud to say I made it!  Thank you to all who voted for me and I hope I can represent your views and values in the national club.  Now that also means road trips!   I expect to see some great areas of our county that I haven't been to before.

Let's see, Hill Top Equestrian Drill team is a blast, though Torey has other opinions on working that hard in the winter.  

Muff is in the final stretch of high school, less than 30 days left.  Then it's about 3 weeks off and she heads out to boot camp.  

June basically is chaos-you'll find me rocking in the corner, mumbling nonsense.   Just make sure I have a cold one in my hand please.   Horse shows, dog shows, county fair, boot camp, drill team, dog class, and puppies.  Yep, why not add to the mess with puppies?

Okay, back to my goals, write once a week.

In the meantime, here's he newest addition to Foggy Bottom, Wasabi.  Yes, let the ass jokes commence.

Later gators,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ah, it's gift exchange season

Pardon me as I'm also battling a head cold, turning into a sinus infection and cold meds make me cranky.  I'm need to rant, so what better place?!

Saw my first craigslist ad of the gift return/exchange season.......the puppy given to a child as a gift for Christmas and well, it just isn't working out.

This is the reason we do not give animals as PRESENTS!!!!    The shelters and rescues want you to listen to their sob story that every animal deserves a home for the holidays.  That empty kennel runs and cages in their facilities is a great thing(don't get me wrong, it is) but wait......there's more.

I saw an ad over the holiday's that said that animals given as presents are more likely to stay in their home because of the additional attachment a person has to a gift given to them.  This of course was sponsored by a humane society and rescue organization.  Seriously?????   What kind of world are we in that we are willing to offer a person and animal a life of discontent because of the emotional attachment of - but so and so gave it to me and I can't part with it.....even if I'm allergic, the pet is too big, too small, barks, I can't spend time walking, training, grooming, etc.

Recent story from a person looking for a new pet after having sent their old one to the bridge.  Went to look at a dog at a local humane society, suggested by a friend.  Dog is a large 75lb beast.  Shelter does same day adoptions.   Dog started out as a puppy with them, has been returned 3 times now because they didn't do home visits, follow through and placed the dog with a person understanding of the breed and committed to the dog.  3 times????   Dog is now fully grown, been shifted between homes, no training and they have no clue why the dog is back, again.

And last but not least, Iowa rescues are routinely doing transportation and mass adoption events for animals that are illegally transported across state lines.   One rescue has a strong relationship with a Miami FL shelter and monthly trips bring dogs up from "over crowded shelters".   Here's the catch-many of these dogs are unhealthy, have bite records, and and and....those "over crowded shelters" are now publicizing importing of dogs from out of the country!   Seriously, I think our whole society has lost it's way.

Where is our God given common sense?

Morphing a bit---should have warned you this would be a random post, oh wait, that's the blog title!

Kids these days lack respect for elders, have no clue about the kindness of opening a door for someone, lack the patience to work for something they want and oh here's a good one--did you know that you can't send currency through the mail, but change like quarters and dimes isn't currency, it's change.  OMG, beat my head on the counter.  They can't write a check correctly, balance a ledger, count back my change, read cursive, let alone write it.  Common sense is not being enforced in our society at the most basic level-please, thank you, elbows off the table, asked to be excused and stop whining when it's not all about you.

I'm seeing instagram accounts begging for followers, where the same kids can't give someone else the time of day.  Worship of objects, unable to take constructive criticism because parents today can't bear to tell them no or be anything but a positive person.  Really?   Life isn't all about rainbows and unicorns.   If you can't learn to handle the ups and downs as a child, what kind of adult will you be?

Now back to that animal as a present.  Don't do it.  just. don't. do. it.

Just sayin'

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Something for the season

I just love watching this and listening to the harmonies.

Here's another.   I really like Cloverton's version of this favorite.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Not Just A Corgi!

First off, this time of the year is hell for those of us in the corgi world.  I'm not simply talking about the war we wage on mud and our low riders  Nope, it's the frequenter calls, emails, texts or strangers on the street asking you if you have any "corgis" available.


It's not just a "corgi"!   I must apologize if you call and I sound exasperated.   Because first and foremost, it's like asking someone if they have a retriever available.  Or a sheepdog, or a spaniel or terrier.   A golden is not the same as a labrador, an old english sheepdog is a far cry from a belgian sheepdog and so on......

Cardigan Welsh Corgis(cardis) and Pembroke Welsh Corgis(pemmies) are two different and distinct breeds.  There is a section of what I loosely will call "breeders" who want to confuse you with semi facts and make you think they were one in the same.   Simply because at the onset of mass transportation(turn of the century), a select group of people decide to breed the two together(about a 20 to 30 yr span.  They registered them as separate breeds within the same litter.   And it was not the entire breed groups but just a small, very small, select few litters that this happened with.   Since that point all of the kennel clubs world wide have them as distinct separate breeds--not varieties of the same breed.

So  for a few more facts;  blue merle is not a hidden gene, it's not a color in pembrokes.  Cardigans aren't cardigans just because they have a tail.   Both have not only distinct structure , but origins and most importantly temperaments.  No breeder in their right mind will dock a cardigans tail nor will a pembroke breeder leave tails on just because it makes them look more like a cardigan. There never should be breeding strictly for size and doodle bugs or toys or minis are not unique or even preferred.

What I ask is this.......please take your time and learn about the breeds.   We know statistically that many dogs are in shelters, rescues or rehomed because of irresponsible owners who don't take the time to learn about and make an informed decision about their future breed of dog.  

Make sure to meet some of the breed-older dogs, young adults and puppies.  Talk to people who own the breed.  Know what you are getting yourself into.   Go to shows, trials, fun matches, meet-n-greets, kennel club meetings etc.  Do your research!   Never give a dog as a present, avoid adding a pet to the house during stressful times such as holidays, birthdays, big events.   Find a reputable breeder or rescue and be patient.  

Back to our regularly schedule program.....24 hours of It's a Wonderful Life!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Times, they are a changing....

It was time for a change.  Cleaning out the blog, next project, gulp, the website.   Which is transferring all the programs, photos and what not on to the laptop from the old pc.  And I fear upgrading my website software.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bigger, better and what????

I think in light of some recent events, it might be a good time to review these little words of wisdom....

Now that being said, let's talk.  

Every time we sign a dog entry form, pay our membership dues or register a dog or litter, we agree to and have a MORAL obligation to uphold the bylaws, rules and COE's of that club.  Be it AKC, your local all breed, performance or parent club. 

To take this into context, let me say this.  Working on canine legislation has opened my eyes to the fact that most of the a/r groupies are self centered.  More better and bigger legislation is needed because they aren't getting what they want. 

Current laws in most areas are just fine but lack the ability to enforce or the resources to enforce.  Should that not be the concern and be the solution that needs worked on?

When it comes to the dog breeding and showing business, why is there a need to reinvent the wheel and create yet another list?  Simply because something didn't go your way or action was not taken  in a way that you wanted it, not because the system failed, but YOU failed to make an effort in the process.  

We can't all get what we want all the time.  We do have to compromise but that can't happen if you fail to participate in the process.   And we won't always get everything we want, but we do need to work with those within the machine to make sure it's equal and fair. 

So with that, I'm pretty happy with agreeing to the CWCCA and AKC terms as they are.  I also can live with myself and what I do for my dogs without the need to add my name to yet another list that lacks boundries, policies or ways to maintain the integrity of it's principals. 

Just sayin'.....