Friday, May 30, 2014

No, do not adjust your dial

Yes, you are seeing correctly.  No it's not a long legged, drop earred, black and white with tan pointed poorly bred cardigan.

This, my dear folks, is Red.   Or loving known as the Octopus when attempting to do anything with her that she doesn't want.  And yes, this is a treeing walker coonhound.  And yes, I'm ready for the straight jacket and funny farm.

Stackem Up's October Red

Thank go out to Trish and the Stackem Up Kennel for sending this lovely lady out for Muff to show.  We really do love her and well, starting off on the right foot.  First show, exactly 6 mos old and the judge said if her front was a little straighter, she would have been best puppy in show.  It's a growth thing-one day she's high in the rear, one day she's toeing out a little, one day she's all a bag of bones.  

Later gators...

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