Friday, October 5, 2012

Properly whipped with a wet noodle

It has come to my attention that I have been lacking in my blogging duties.  By several people.  SORRY!!!  After the weekends whirlwind, back to work with a new person on board, I just can't seem to find a moment to pen more then 3 words together.

So, what's happen? Not much.  Gosh I lied.  It's that time of the year when we have so many little things going on, I'm not sure where to start.  So let's back track to the weekend.

As  mentioned previously, we were off to the Freeport/Rockford, IL dog shows.  All this talk about making a major in smooth collies was a bunch of baloney-why I just don't trust them for their word.  Simply put, most collie people are back stabbing idiots.  Most I said.  A select few are nice, honest and really understand the breed.  Lots in our area are so kennel blind and have a very bad understanding of correct form and function, that, well, it's sad to see the prick eared, gay tailed, poor coated things in the ring.  Sorry, did that sound like a rant?  It was.

So back to the show.  We load up like the damn Clampets-Cy, Connor, Loki, Penny, Dove, Cara and Mal.  Throw in the Ms for good measure.  To say we were packed to the gills is an understatement but as the Tall Kid put it, at least we didn't have to strap the Ms to the roof!
Meet up with Shelley at the hotel--she was AWESOME and got to the show site early to get us some prime grooming space.  Good night's sleep, then load everyone back up to head to the show site at the butt crack of dawn, 'cause you know, to throw a wrench in it all was the Ms and juniors.  

I start grooming-Connor, easy, off he goes with the kid.  Okay, time?  We have one set of dogs right after the other and throw in sweeps for cardigans.  I got Penny and Cy ready, then started tackling, gulp, the akita.  Needless to say I apologize for not thinking this through.  We created a storm of Loki hair when I started blowing him out.  He had hair everywhere!   I had hair everywhere.  Eyelashes, mouth, down my bra.   But he looks damn good now. 

Results start pouring in-Connor and the Ms, 1st in open intermediate.  Connor BOV, Cy BOW, Loki BOB, Cara WB.  Now onto sweeps in cardigans.

Pretty Penny had a nuclear melt down on the table.  The judge had the table pointed into the sun, stepped into the glare, turned into a hulking shadow monster and she could not hold it together.  We tried and tried and finally just got off, went and did our down and back, knowing full well I've now donated an entry to the club.  

Interesting part, as I pick her up to leave the ring(I'm all the way across the far corner after our last go round), the judge leaves the winners in the class, walks across to meet me 1/2 way and we have a 2-3 minute discussion, while the others have to wait for their ribbons.  He apologized for not being able to place her.  Actually he said-I feel horrible, you walked in the ring and all I could think was who would I now place as BOSS.  He then went on to extoll Penny's many virtures.  I told him no worries, you can not ever reward that behavior, even in a puppy and that there would be another day for her.  And yes, she is a very nice cardigan pup, her day will come.  I walked out of the ring kind of puzzled by her behavior but also very intriqued with the judge-as a provisional he's got a wonderful understanding of the breed, which is very rare and he's got a genuine interest in the breed.  Wish regular breed judges were like him.   And two other times during the day, we ran into the judge and he apologized again and said how nice she was.

We regrouped and sent Alec in on Penny in the afternoon for regular classes.  Though she started a melt down, the judge knowing the circumstances from the morning, was kind and got to examine her.  No placement, but it's a huge leap forward from the mornings mess. 

The other arguement in the morning was who was showing what?  Liz had Max entered and said she was showing her own dog.  We got him all groomed up and well, he looked awesome.  Though Liz joked he was fat, which is wasn't, but he's now a performance star and needs to be svelt and fit.  Alec was going to show Dove, yes we pulled the crabby girl out and dusted her off for the weekend.  I was going to show Mr Macho, Chipper Shredder. We went back and forth and back and forth, I won!   I got Dove, he got the handful.

Two years ago this same weekend, Dove finished her championship with her 4th major.  One month prior, Col Joe had given her a huge major win at Amana.  The stars were aligning. 

Here's the funny part, Dove was all about the bath, nails, blow dry on Thursday.  Jumped right in the Big Tow straight into her crate.  Wasn't until we got to the show site on Saturday that it clicked and she went--WHOA NELLY!  I so did not sign out for this.  Yeah, she wasn't super happy on the way to the ring.  But all shaking aside, she was the pro that she's always been.  Chip was a handful - attention span of a ... squirrel.  Oh what was I talking about?

Dove moved, stacked, gave ears and ended up BOS in the supported entry!   Woo Hoo, that's her first grand major with competition!   Chipper was select, so a good sweep with the FB/S crew.  Nice ceramic mug for a prize too.   Max and Liz looked awesome but had the pleasure of being first in line-what a curse. 

By groups it was getting hot.  Nothing for either Connor or Loki, so we packed up and headed to the hotel.  Alec was starting a headache and I think wanted to watch football.  Dinner, bed and I got some time to read a book.  The Ms, shower and fell asleep on her face at 8pm!  Slept through Connor snuggling with Alec and Cy and Cara bouncing on the bed.

Sunday, same old same old.  Juniors early-2nd in her class because Trey with his skip were taunting Connor, who is in love with little dogs.  She had such a hard time keeping his focus forward.  We all had a good giggle.

The day went a little better as nothing was on top of each other.  Loki BOB, Connor select, Cy WD.  Cara BOB.  Now to cardigans. 

Col Joe was judging and Alec took Penny in, told him what happened, not a melt down just a small earthquake shaking in the table.  We'd spent the day with the grooming table outside and having every person we could come up and touch and exam Penny.  I have to send a shout out to my friend Jane who was so kind and sweet to her.   Good day, Penny was 2nd in the class!!! Progress made.

Dove once again showed like the pro she is, still not happy about being there, but she moved out great and ended up as select bitch.  Another 5 pt grand major competition win.  Two days, 1/2 way to her grand!   Now if she can just keep her hair.  Nothing for Chip, just not exactly what the judge wanted.  Congrats to Emily for finishing Seamus, he's turning out to be a very nice boy. 

Thanks need to go out to Jean Rogers for arranging all of the festivites for the weekend.  The food was great, the prizes fun(Dove got a cool bag filled with treats and stuff for select) and the company was great.  Mal had fun - though I have to keep reminding certain people that he has feet and can walk, no need to carry him all over.

We managed to get everything repacked with a little air space left over.  Dad's looking for a van for us, we'll need it by the next long distance shows.   Got home in time for the Ms to watch the season premiere of Once Upon A Time.  I was able to clean out the Big Tow, sort clean and dirty and for the most part get things back to normal.  Normal that is when you've got a screaming stud dog(Eddie) and his girlfriend is in season.  Granny Phoebe is in too, so the hormones are flowing and Turner has a whine that is almost worse then Eddie's screaming. 

I think that covers most of the weekend-I'll need to regroup for the weeks events.  'Cause there a few-couple really funny ones too.  More later!

Later gators...

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