Friday, September 28, 2012

Definately time for a van

The big Tow is getting a work out this weekend-3 large dogs including Loki, four cardigans and assorted stuff for the dinner tomorrow after the show.  I must be nuts.  Totally lost it. And it will be the Clampets going down the road. 

Spent the evening trying to watch the premieres of my favorite shows-Big Bang, Person of Interest as well as a new one, Elementary.  To which I upset the Hubby as Doc Martin was on PBS and well, we'll have to choose for now which to watch.  That's until I break down and buy all 5 season's - heehee.  Anyhow, between washing two dogs, packing my stuff, cooking eggs, giblets, sewing up my skirt-don't get me started on that!, more packing, sorting and such, I was able to watch a small amount of Big Bang and most of Elementary.

So now back to the Big Tow.  I've put Dad to the task-find me a van!  Unfortunately, he's got other things going on right now--yes world, my folks finally found common ground!!!  The house moves onto the site Oct 16th or so!!!!  Ten years after the house fire, lots of squabbling back and forth, plans done, thrown out, they found a Design Home they could both agree one! 

Story is that they were at a bland gun show in Prairie Du Chien, decided to walk through the displays, went to a new one, walked in and both said, this is it!

It looks like we'll be the Clampets for about another month, then I'm praying for a van before we head out every weekend in November, including the huge road trip show.  AHAHAHAH

Need to send prayers and good puppy vibes to Kerri as she stays home, hopefully with a full whelping box of puppies.  And now, off we go-I must be nuts.

Later gators...

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