Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekend preview

Ahead of the game or just .... nah, never mind.

Few friends headed back to IL for a weekend of dog shows, nope not I.  Alec is working 16 hours days-up to four at Lowe's then off to the elevator till 6 or 7 each night. Comes home, eats, showers and goes to bed. 

We are roadtripping it again, this time for supplies.  Kalona for cheese, tea, flour and canning jars.  Then it's home to process the last of the tomatoes.  Wednesday night under the waning moon light(it was only 6:30, come on now!) we picked anything that resembled a decent tomato-green or pink or purple.  Down in the basement in these lovely crates that Hubby got me from the greenhouse, they sit and hopefully to ripen. 

Salsa, maybe some apple stuff this weekend too?  Then it's conformation class with Penny and Smelly.  Yes that's his new name, unfortunately he comes to it also.   Dig out the pond, clean out duck/chicken houses, look at new dog to show, maybe do some wheeling and dealing that would end up with some chicken cages and then work with the Ms on her grant proposal for her SAE. 

Nah, not doing a thing this weekend!

Hope everyone has a grand time--oh bugger, pumpkin patch, best write that down now, anyway, have a great weekend and don't get too busy!

Later gators....

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