Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belated birthdays all the way around

Been a little busy trying to get caught up on year end bookkeeping. Ugh and yes I am an accounting clerk too. Never makes it easier when you haven't touched the books before and they just kind of get given to you in a pile. Double ugh!

So Thursday around here was a big day. Seems a certain little girl, not so little anymore, turned 12 and entered her last preteen year. She has a love for dragons that was fullfilled with a few assorted new webkins and other dragonest stuff. Oh dare I forget the duckies--now numbering around 120 different ones in her bath room--which doesn't include the towels, decals, stencils and assorted decor items in there. I feel a lot like Ernie and find myself humming his trademark song.

Top off Thursday was another birthday---the Cliche litter turned 4! So happiest of birthdays out to the gang which includes Zino, Molly, May, Rosie, and Beckham. Super special birthday wishes to Clover who voicemailed me to thank me! Gosh, I listened to the dictated letter by Pam as I was walking to the bank and had a wonderful smile when I walked in--the girls at the counter asked why and of course I had to brag about my lovely little cardigan dogs.

It wouldn't be a birthday without remembering a certain snooky dog named Moose!!! The one and only boy who puts up with so much, asks so little and is well, one big cardigan who is just about perfect. Lastly, we can't forget Ms Abbey who decided for her birthday she would take over the living room and romped and played with every toy in the house. Everyone got a special treat that night.

Well, the fog is settling in here. What with nice winter weather--okay after it being 30 below windchills just a week ago, anything where I can go out with out 10 layers one is nice. But the predictions for the rest of the season are milder then normal temps and less precip. The only thing I don't like about that is that milder temps mean melting snow and of course with corgis around, that means mud. Triple UGH.

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite Ms. M, and of course to all the 4 legged kids! :) Can't wait to see you guys next weekend! It's been MUCH too long! I still have your Christmas presents here! LOL

Have a great week!


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