Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best of the best

Or should it be the worst of the worst? My new motto for the year is to look at the glass 1/2 full not 1/2 empty. So here it goes.

It's been cold. Subzero cold. Record breaking cold. BUT....... the days are getting longer, they say that the coldest part of winter is about over, the jet stream is moving east so warmer days approach.

Dogs are driving me nuts. Especially Pete. We tried to narrow down which actor/character she reminds us of. Some Jack Sparrow. A little Robin Williams and way too much Carol Burnett. But I think the word I used to describe her in an email earlier in the week to Sherilyn was-Mae West. She's got a cocky attitude, a swagger and sway in her hips and loves to tease and taunt. BUT..... in order to keep the dogs occupied aka, keeping Pete from fulfilling her death wish, we have been training. Can't work on heeling so much as tight sits, distracted stays, and the best--scent articles. It's been awesome and we've made some great progress in lots of areas.

Today was Kay's estate sale. All proceeds were going to buy her and Kenny's headstones. She has tons of training stuff. I really held back because there was so much I wanted. I managed to come home with a gorgeous crate, leather leads, giant flexi, xpen, toys(the dogs are loving those) and the big winner was scent articles. Two whole sets of double bars in the perfect size for Clairee and Moose. A little big for Merlot, but I have enough gift certificates for J & J that I'll order her's when we get to the point of competing. Actually, I need two more leather articles for the second set-anyone know where I can get ones that have the sewn on black leather bars? J&J's are solid tan and have tucked in leather on the bars.

Anyway, best of the best??? I was playing with them while putting them away in my sent article bag I got at the National Silent Auction last year, though hummmm, dropped one metal one of the floor and you'll never guess what? Merlot grabbed it, looked at me and ran off with it. Yippeeeee!!! That's one giant step I don't have to worry about. So one of the extras(I also got a couple extras) is sitting in the middle of the living room were Merlot and Pete are taking turns carrying it around.

Best of the best--just have to look at the world from a different angel.....angle?

Oh and I'm told that the website should be back up in about 48 hours or so. No, no updates, haven't gotten to that yet, just happy that the mess someone else created is cleaned up.

Later gators....

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