Sunday, January 24, 2010

I swear, it never ends.

While on the way to Des Moines, battling fog and icy conditions, Alec and I had figured out that since last January, I have gone to only one show where the weather was nice. One. So when I start talking with Reggie about stuff on Saturday and he recounted with me each and every crappy show. It was fun and we both had a good laugh. Including him relating that he has proof of his last winter storm-21" drifts in front of his garage---in Oklahoma! Photos that he will show me the next time I see him.

So it's just gotta be me. I swear, Alec went to other shows and they were just fine. Sort of. Let's see I think the last one involved frozen pipes and an electrical fire? But that was random for them. So I quit. Seriously, why keep putting myself through the hassle, stress and chaos of crappy weather just to show a damn dog? Trapped on the interstate in a severe winter storm. Blindly driving on the hwy through rain and hail, only to find out that just a mile south of us, the tornado trailed along. Or how about 7" of rain? Oh and I think that event also included water in the RV, broken water tanks too. Something else that I can't, or maybe choose not to remember.

And let's say that this weekend wasn't all that much better then the rest. Friday before I left, Dad had a huge issue that ended up involving tow straps, trackhoe, const company, my uncle, cousin, brother, Dad's best friend, the sheriff's dept and a clyde stuck in a sink hole. Friday night on the way in it was fog, ice and a convoy of utility trucks headed to southern Iowa to help out in the disaster counties--2 mile long line of trucks from MI. Having to be up and going by 6:30, heaters that wouldn't shut off.

At home, it was a big truck accident. It was only a matter of time before someone went in the ditch, or should I say, missed the corner. No, no one here, but some dunce going mach 10 in the fog who just happened to miss the 90 degree turn just north of our driveway. David was just sitting down to eat dinner on Friday and went hum, boy those headlights just don't look right there. Yeap, dude flipped his truck. He's okay, but just one more thing to happen.

Electricity went off this morning, generator won't turn on. We have lights now, but now we have to figure out what is wrong with the generator. I bitch, moan and complain, I do have to say this. It was an awesome weekend, filled with laughs, stories and great fun. Friends galore and can't say thanks enough to Rus and Sherilyn for their hospitality. It's so nice ot have a "hotel" with such great check out terms-heehee. Dogs were in great humor, had fun playing and no we didn't all win, but we had a great time, which totally out does the crappy stuff above.

Merlot debuted at Meredith's new juniors dog. Eddie is taking a hiatus as I just don't want to deal with his hair right now. It's bad enough I only have 4 weeks to get a certain hairy sable thing ready, let alone keep him under control. They won too! The Ms has moved up to open intermediate, which is really really tough. The kids in there are great. Merlot was ever the professional on Saturday and I see great things. Sunday, Merlot had ants in her pants and Ms knew that cost her. Couldn't get her to stand still, but that will come with time.

Peterman finally walked on lead in a straight line. I even had to run with her! She's a table pro but tends to get an I wanna do it my way, when we are off the table. Won her class on Saturday and Richard won on Sunday.

But the kicker this weekend was our super special boy Nicky. The more I work with this dog and watch him out there, the more I just love him. Yes Mom Porter, I should have listened to you in the beginning. SO I guess the biggest thanks go out to Sheryl and Deb for, well everything-we haven't even scratched the surface yet. Nick now needs just two points to finish!!! WD yesterday and WD/BOW today for his 2nd major(the first was a huge 5 pt!). That's four weekends - that's it. And one about every other month. He hasn't gotten out much but each time it's so well worth it. I know there are big things planned for him in the future. I'll post his last show photo tomorrow, can't find that flash drive at the moment--hum considering my truck is a war zone, it's a wonder I'll ever find it!

So here's to friends who make it all worthwhile. And yes for those wondering, Moose has forgiven me for locking him in a crate and running the other direction on Friday. He'll be along on the next road trip.

Later gators...


Sherilyn said...

It was great to see everyone this weekend, and always is wonderful to have good friends together. I am so thankful for my true friends! :) We all needed this weekend...been MUCH too long and too much stress lately, so this definitely helped. We're all tired (thanks to those 8am ringtimes..yuck!), but it's a good tired.

Looking forward to 2010. No more rain dances, ok??? :) hehe

Love you guys!

Dawn said...

Heres the thing, bad weather we have no control over, but good times can be had even with the snow and ice. And it sounds like you all had a good time! Congrats on the wins.