Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Taking a note from Dawn over at Daybreake, I'm going to start writing down my goals for my dogs. I seem to remember this as something I learned in 4-H, way too many moons ago. Every year at the beginning of our project we are supposed to write down our goals for the year. Every year, I did them at the end of the year when I was finishing my record book and turning it in for awards ;0) Wasn't until I started doing my FFA records during high school that I really buckled down and did it in ernst.

So here it is:
Moose-get his CD and CDX by the end of the year. What do I need to do right now? He's perfecting his on leash heel as his off leash is now awesome. Gotten slack on the on leash stuff. Little more work on recalls as we have been working on drops at class and need to go back to straight recalls. Dumbbell work is progressing-now need to work on the go out. Jumps-once he quits being lazy and dropping his tail, he's doing great on both. Hum, what else? Figure 8's are awesome after learning a new game to play while training with that exercise. Attainable? Yeap, just gotta buckle down and do it! I also need to find the shows to do it at. That might make is a little harder to get done.

Frankie-get his RN by February. CH first, then RN. He's got is sitter back-it was busted for awhile, but his downer is good. Now we need a stay-not there yet.

Eddie-I don't even want to think about that one yet, but yes, looking at his CD-short and simple, working on off leash attention. Then worry about everything else. I don't see that happening till late next year-he's always a work in progress and we do a lot of back tracking. Remember, everyone calls him the s l o w blue dog and there are days I agree.

Abbey-RN. She's got a good down, but stay and sit are far from ready. That's the biggest thing we need to work on, but I might put Alec to work on that one.

Lots of work to do and if I can quit watching those cute little puppies for a little bit each night, then it might happen. But writing it down helps me to remember what to do.

Oh, bugger---forgot the horses! Phoenix needs some major rail time as well as Glory. The goal with the big horse is to have her ready for the riding class at the Draft Show at State Fair in August. This should be interesting ;0)

Later gators....


Dawn said...

Oohh long term goals WITH dates! You are braver than I am! Good luck.
PS share the figure 8 games Magic hates heeling

Cindy said...

Will do--the gal that I am taking my open class with has some really awesome tricks that she's sharing--it's off to you in an email!