Thursday, June 4, 2009


I promise photos added tonight but had to relate this very cute story about some really stupid birds.

As you know, Alec got two turkeys for his state fair project. They are bronze or American Broad Breasted Bronze. Goes along with our whole heritage theme as these were the first commerical type turkeys produced back in the 1930's from the original (unimproved) bronze birds that came in with settlers. But I digress.

Remember those photos of what the heck are these back in April? The two poults brooded down in his room/basement for about 4 weeks before being moved to the larger brooder in the garage. This happened when he was cleaning the cage one day and turned around to see one of them sitting on the top of the waterer, looking around the basement. If they can get up there and over the sides of the brooder, they were big enough to go out in the garage. Joining them a few days later were the pekins we took in from the school.

At this point they are very easy to handle but honestly, stupid stupid birds. They ran into the walls, each other, the waterer and yes, they started acting like ducks and play in the water.

Weather got nice the first part of May and they went outside in a smaller pen in the large duck yard. Once the adult ducks got used to them, we let the pekins and turkeys loose with the adults. No biggy right, well the dog yard is adjacent to the duck yard and the dogs love nothing more then harassing the ducks and Commander Cody loves nothing more then tempting fate and harassing the dogs. The noise is unreal at times.

We go out in the yard and the turkeys are the first up to us, you literally step on them as they are underfoot, pecking at your jeans, legs, shoes, or if you happen to be crouched down or bent over, yes your butt. They are known to jump in the wading pool and splash around-at midnight. But the best is yet to come.

As noted above, the backyard dog yard is only seperated from the duck yard by wire. We are adding some solid fencing this summer to solve the next issue. Yes the turkeys are imprinted on us--not a bad idea as they will be easier to handle at the shows, but now, they are imprinted on the dogs. A good way to risk getting eaten by a dog if I do say so. The dogs run the fence barking and the turkeys run the fence. Dogs stop, turkeys stop. Dogs move, turkeys move. Dogs rest, turkeys rest on the other side of the fence. It's unreal! I take Moose out to move ducks and turkeys come right up to him - he of course looks at me like what the hell??? They have no fear of the dogs and seem to think the whole barking and running thing is what turkeys do-well not the barking but they do talk a lot to the dogs.

Photos tonight if I get home and there's a enough light. It's our entertainment each evening-we are easily amused at times. Now it's a betting game--which turkey will be stupid enough to get too close to the fence or even stick their head through? Forgot, we did name them, I know, a no no, but fitting names none the less--Thanksgiving and Turkey Jerky! Befitting considering their fate this fall ;0)

Later gator......


Sherilyn said...

ROFL!! Let's just hope they are "Thanksgiving" and "Turkey Jerky" for the humans, not the dogs! ;) As much as our packs love the turkey bacon, they will love the rest of it, too!

penni said...

Hmmm. Do you think they could learn to heel?

Cindy said...

I honestly think I could teach them to heel! They have a great if not zig zaggy recall ;0)

Winjammin' said...

I'll be really impressed when you teach them sit and down. Could be a really fun National if you brought a turkey that could do Rally LOL

Cindy said...

Let's hope that I still don't have them by Nationals! I am making space in the freezer for them this fall!

Sherilyn said...

Turkeys in Rally and CM in the Megan?? We could have a lot of fun in PA!! ;) hehe