Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a pain

I've been battling AKC and Onofrio for about 3 weeks now as results as posted, for the last show are incorrect in juniors. Thank goodness for honest kind people. The mom of one of the other juniors that did not win, called me yesterday and said did you know....? After a long conversation to which she said she had contacted both the AKC and Onofrio, she said she's helping out as it's the right thing to do. I didn't even contact her about this!

So my rant and rave about honesty, common courtesy and manners, I guess there are genuine people still out there. She had said, you know, my kid didn't win that day but it's not fair that they can't get it correct to show that your daughter did win. Two years ago I did the same thing. One of the kids in the class was excused when her nasty dog turned and attacked another dog in the ring. The dog that was attacked--was marked excused and he actually got 2nd in the class. That only took 2 weeks to get resolved. This time, I've about had it.

Seems the book was marked kind of wonky and now the judge is not returning correspondence from both the AKC or Onofrio on this matter. They(AKC and Onofrio) have to talk to her now to get confirmation on the results. So now I have a picture of the ribbon and dog to forward. Wouldn't you know that this was the one show where the Ms said-I'm tired, skip the photo, let's go home. Next step is pulling in the show chair and talking to them, then the AKC rep at the show. One of the other juniors has been contacted and they are helping out now too.

Why can't things be simple?? But at least I can vouche for genuinely honest people who know right from wrong and are willing to step up to a task with out being asked. Thank you!!!!

Later gators....

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