Monday, April 20, 2009

The Moose Report-day 2-RAIN!!!!

Now this is where the whole "vacation" thing turned horribly wrong. I'm a sensible kind of guy-easy to get along with, will do most things you ask me and I love to play. But for some odd reason my mother said, nope, not play but work today. Gotta get those silly little titles at the end of my name. That part I just don't get.

With Bekka, Kim and Ruff Ruff in tow, we got up at the butt crack of dawn, in the rain and followed Kerri, Tom and Jessie to Salina, KS where they were holding the herding trials. Now, again, I'm game for just about anything, but man, it rained and it blew and I went, "Mom, are you sure this is Kansas? Seems more like Louisiana and a hurricane to me!" She assured me that yes, we are still in Kansas but that was through chattering teeth.

I chose to hang out in the car while Mom watched some awesome herding runs. Of course I offered to help out in ducks but Tom had that handled-he was helping wrangle ducks with the judge. The cows were cool and it was fun to watch the cardigans work them. Gave me some ideas for when I get home. The sheep were a little goofy-liked to run, alot. Then came those goats. RRRRR, goats, don't like those at all.

This is where the working vacation comes in. Mom had entered me in the herding test part and they were using goats. Most of the other dogs and people there decided afterwards that the performance dinner would offer roast goat as an option-I totally agreed. Even though I tried my fool head off, attempting to get those darn ugly things off the gate, they didn't budge. One even head butted me! They had figured out that the gate was the safe zone and neither of us in HT could get them too far off the fence. Bugger as I know Mom really wanted on leg on that HT for me. Back to lessons with Wendy and try again in May at Kerri's club's trial.

Afterwards the kids did their instinct tests. Both Frankie, Marg and Merlot showed lots of good skills but they too didn't like the goats-they just don't move. Ruff Ruff on the other hand, well, he didn't care, that boy's a little nuts if you ask me-he got so excited that Kim couldn't catch him!!! Bear did good too and little Dove needs some confidence after her bad experience getting kicked. Might I add, by the time this little event happened it was a downpour and windy. The humans all ran to the warmed up Tahoe(with all Mom's silent auction loot) and made us dogs pant as they had the heat up on high trying to warm up and dry off on the two hour trip back to Topeka. Drop Kim and Ruff Ruff at the RV, then we all headed back to the hotel for a hot shower for the humans and a warm dry towel for me. Mom and Bekka called it for the night and we all crashed hard.

So ends the first official day of my so called vacation. I was wet, dirty and Mom wasn't much better. I voted for sun and sand but some how mud and rain were subsituted. Like Ruff Ruff asked--I don't get it!

Now for the fun part..... performance events!!!

Moosie out!

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