Monday, April 20, 2009

The Moose Report-Day 3-Obedience

After everyone had a nice warm shower, clean sheets and dry clothes, they all seemed in a much better mood on Monday morning. Once again, we loaded up and went over to see Kim's crew at the RV. Mom warned me it was another working day for me but it would still be fun.

About mid day we wandered over to the Expo center and watched some agility, got the grooming area cleaned up and organized. Kim and Ruff Ruff did a run in rally, that unfortunately ended with an NQ and some sort of threat on his boy areas from his mom. Something about a clothespin and/or duct tape. Tell you what, I had a chat with him and said "Kid, you better watch out-those girls mean business!"

Mom had me entered in Novice B obedience and suggested that I get my head wrapped around the idea of not creating my own heeling patterns. What's a guy gotta do to get some respect around here? The only reason I did it before was because my adoring fans wanted something beyond the standard boring stuff. Go figure that Mom didn't think that was cute. I know Rus and Sherilyn did ;0) So with a threat against it being a very very long day if I did't cooperate, or as Mom said, chasing those ghosts of bad runs away, we headed to the ring. Oh and might I add that earlier in the day they left me in the truck rather then allowing me to go in the RV. I got bored, pulled out my brand new braided obedience lead and had a snack on the handle. Guess that wasn't the right thing to do-Mom was beyond pissed. Figured it was in my best interest to have a good run and behave the rest of the day.

And the ghosts, they went bye bye!! I played it cool though, didn't want Mom to get too big a head about it all. I was a little sniffy on my on-leash pattern, little lag on the figure 8, then Mom with a huge sigh, turned the leash over to the steward and asked me to stand. Perfect if I don't say so myself! But I think the sigh was for the next part-off leash pattern. I got a little cocky-it was better then on leash and yes, I did what the judge asked and not what I thought I should do. Mom was pretty proud and she and the judge chatted before the recall about it. He said that I did exactly what he asked me to do and giggled. So to bring Mom back to reality, on the recall-I pretended I didn't hear her-turned my head and looked at someone coming in the door. Mom yelled, yes, yelled my name to get my attention, then come. I slowly turned looked at her and said, if you say so. Heehee, man was there worry on her face. I came, decided not to sit in front until the last moment, then finished perfectly. I like to throw her for a loop on occasion, keeps her on her toes. So out of the ring with a Q so far.

We went and relaxed then it's call back for long sits and downs. Once again, something about chasing a ghost of failed sits. Hey, give a guy a break, on those two occasions, I was tired and heck since I hadn't Q'd, why no just quit while you are ahead? But in an effort to perk up Mom's spirits after the failed goat thingy, I decided to freeze in place. Auntie Kim said that I didn't even blink for 1 minute. The relief on Mom's face was very evident and then we did the long down. Now I kind of like to show boat with that one and do the classic Moose manoveur-roll over on my side of back and freeze with my back leg in the air. Kind of hard to hold for 3 minutes, but I do it for the fun of it. Mom said that between me and the dog next to me(both of us on our backs) the crowd had a good giggle. And when Mom came back she was so happy-glad I could make it up after snacking on my lead, she earned it! We ended up getting 3rd in our class, my first CD leg and to top it off, Mom said I was on good graces again-we won a brand spankin' new leash and it's a nice one too!

After looking at the vendors and chatting with lots of our friends, we headed back to the RV. I got to hang out with Music instead of the kids and Mom along with Kim, Kathy, Kerri, Bekka, Tom, Cindy F and lots and lots of new friends-Charlie, Kathryn and so many names I don't remember, partied into the night.

So the working vacation is going well. The sun is supposed to come out later in the week for us-so on Monday we did a little sun dance hoping it would warm up tomorrow. And I guess tomorrow the kid's get bathes, it's the Megan and my day off! Eddie's chance tomorrow to prove he can really do something with his brain.

Moosie out!


Dawn said...

Good job Moose-I agree with you that those heeling patterns are dumb. Very dumb. But is good to give the moms one of those green ribbons cuz if you dont they will give up! If you want a new trick to try, give me a holler and I will share. Magic

Cindy said...

Oh cool, I can always use a new trick to keep Mom on her toes. She might get lazy other wise ;0)

Hey, congrats on the agility title! Wish Mom would take me in for that, but says I need to concentrate on thing at a time-something about a VC title we're working towards.

Ruff Ruff said...

Hey Moose it is me Russ. You were awesome. Thanks for the advice about the cones. Hey I would appreciate it if you didn't talk about the fact that I forgot my Mom existed on the second Rally day. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Hey again--great job on the obedience leg!