Monday, April 20, 2009

The Moose Report-day 1

Hey guys--Moose here. Man, my mother takes the cake. We've been on "vacation" or so she said when she stuck me in the truck-with 7 other dogs!! I swear, vacation means fun, sun and relaxation but NOOOO, we had to make this a working vacation. Figure since she's buried under piles of paper at work, I need to fill you guys in on the details from the so called "vacation".

Actually, we spent the last week in Topeka, KS at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty. I've been be for but it was the first time for Frankie, Dove, Bear, Merlot and Chrissy. Marg came along too but she said-been there done that, borrrrring. So we started off on Saturday morning and drove to Des Moines to pick up Bekka, Bear and Chrissy. I got to flirt with the girls at Rus and Sherilyn's and then we packed the last spare inch of the Tahoe with more crap and started down to Topeka. They made me ride in the back-how humiliating-that darn Bekka had my reserved spot.

The sun was shining for a little while, then the clouds started rolling in. Not a good sign considering we were planning on going herding the next day. But without too many hitches, we made it there. What a long drive but not nearly as long as to KY last year. We found our motel, unpacked-I picked out my bed for the week and then over to find Kim, Kathy, Nick, Meredith, Ruff Ruff, Music, Shaker Baby and the cute little Ella puppy. They were RV'ing it at the Expo Center. Meredith rode down a day early with the Gibson Clan and boy was I happy to see that she made it there okay. Other then the humans sticking me in an expen with the babies, all was looking good.

Now Sunday, that's another post--ewwwwwww!

Moosie out!

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