Friday, April 10, 2015


It's another scene out of Chicken Run.  

The chickens, they did organize.  And they did escape.  To the barn.  To the field, the pasture, the front yard, the front paddocks......they're every where, they're every where.

In my study, no less.  There's a wading pool with a tall expen around it-nine 7 week old chicks.  If anyone want's some cochin bantams, all pullets, I've three available.  They are residing with 4 ameraucana pullets.

Up on the large grooming table sits a row of brooder totes.  Lights glaring.  One has 3 week old buff leghorns and buff easter eggers, the other has more buff leghorns and ameraucanas.  Anyone want the buffs?
Last one, which we set up last night because Muff just can't say no to ameraucanas.  New residents are brown reds and blue wheatens(we think).

I still have bantams and call ducks in the dog kennel.  Moving them out to the new almost finished building this weekend.  It's like one of those little board games.  You know the one where they slide the pieces around to put them in order but you have only one empty space and have to shift and move?
Yep that's totally what it's like around here.  Move this so that we can then move that.  Pictures of the chaos to follow.....this weekend is the Waverly Swap.    Yes I have more chicks reserved....golden lace wyandottes.  Then in two weeks, the last of the bantam chicks come in. 

Hum is this me?  Oh we need an intervention.....

later gators...

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