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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And it's in the books!

Another fair week has come and gone.  At the wrap up bbq, a few days late and more on the late part later, it was commented that it's not really 6 days but more like two weeks.  All the prep work going into the fair is started months previously with more and more activity the closer we get. 

So fair week started with a relocation of the horse show.  Yeap, we had a super wet arena, again.   Muff had fun, Torey looked great, some nice placements and well, she fell off once when she lost her stirrup and then the saddle slipped.   Got back on and tried to finish the class but the saddle was wonky.  She wandered around with a headache for three days then bragged about it.  Silly girl. 

Next was static exhibits.   She had a blast and got great critiques on her projects.  Her fairy garden was a hit with everyone but she needed more detailed info on the creation of it, could have been considered for state fair if she had done that.   Her self portrait from drawing class did receive a state fair consideration!   She knows what to do differently next year and will be collecting projects throughout the year to take. 

Let's see...dog show.   The weather was perfect.  The kids were perfect.  The dogs made us laugh.   Muff was the grand champion advanced showmanship winner with Ms Red.   Next up was Kevin and despite licking the steward's leg on the figure 8, had a 192! in prenovice, winning the class and also winning HIT regular class!!!   Agility, well, leave it to Kevin to do a unique take on the chute which cost him just enough points to get 2nd in the class.   It was a fun day and I have the pictures to prove it. 


Let's see, a day off, then poultry set up and POULTRY SHOW!!!!

Geese were pissy, got loose once.  Sparkles didn't really sparkle, she was very dingy.  But some really good placements with Muff's buff brahma bantam rooster winning his class.  Her ancona duck was reserve in his breed and so was her mille fleur bantam pullet.   All blue ribbons including the geese which were champion goose and best male goose at the show.  Oh her penciled indian runner was champion light duck.   Long day, lots of neat birds and the kids had a blast.

And that was fair....then it stormed.  And stormed.  AND STORMED.

Monday was supposed to be the horse game show but again, wet arena.  Cancelled.  Then the storm came in.  Tornados, derico winds and damage.  We lost power for about 6 hours, basement flooded.  Friends lost their house and another their barn.  A week and half later, still tons of trees laying all over.   And that would be why the wrap up bbq was Thursday instead of Monday.  

We had fun, Muff smiled a lot and now it's the lull before the storm...Wyoming Poultry show this weekend.  Dog shows start up again.  State fair looming and then there's Labor Day.   AHAHAHAHAH

Later gators....

Monday, June 16, 2014

And the proof is in the pudding

Liz emailed me over the photos of the bigs wins!  Now she says the group one is horrible.  I have proof that she's wrong, I have the most horrible win photo hidden at my house-it contains our Margie and my husband, sigh.

So here's Mr Duffy and his human mom, Liz, who is in a gorgeous suit.

Isn't he cute!
Again, the real congratulations go to Liz.  She's done an awesome job with this ruggedly handsome dude!

Later gators...

Friday, June 13, 2014

All those letters and numbers!

Liz just sent me this-results from the last show.  Look at all those letters and numbers in front of Duffy's name!!!  Still riding high on this--thanks Liz!

  • 1/W/B/G4/BPUP/BPUPG1 11 Foggy Bottom Wdrs I Am Ruggedly Handsome. DN37457703.06-15-2013. Breeders, Karen Lyons & Cindy Munier McDonald & Meredith McDonald. By CH Beaszak's Fogy Botm Uncle Fester & CH Woodrose Bring It On. Liz Morgan & Meredith McDonald.
Still waiting on the photo.

Later gators...

Wrapping up the week

It's been a very interesting week.  Not terribly crazy but interesting none the less.

We started out with the integration of the goslings into the flock.  This can go well or horribly wrong.  Surprisingly to us all, it went smoother then expected.

Sunday afternoon we sat outside for two hours while Sprinkles and Cheesecake herded the goslings, aka Frosting and Ganache around the yard.  Few little pecks but more like a "what are you?" peck.   We left to plant our fair grounds planter and came back to the flock in the front yard grazing away.  Decided looked good, went to the store.

Now the interesting part?  We opted to pull the goslings out of the flock and put them back in their pen in the barn.  As David got to the gate, Muff is running at it--DAD, OPEN THE GATE....NOW!   Seems as she went to grab said goslings, Sprinkles came at her hissing and all out mad.   First off he's never done that before and secondly, there was some threat about a frying pan upside his head and his butt in the oven.  To be discussed more later.

Monday we opted to let them back out during the day with Muff supervising.  Didn't take long to see that they were indeed welcomed back and all fussed about.  Decision made to see if we could let them stay out with the flock for the night.  They learned quickly to get in the Chalet that night and all went well.

Tuesday, releasing of the hounds, er, uh, birds and they all came out....but the goslings.  Sprinkles and Cheesecake noticed, turned went back in.  Per Muff, there as a heated discussion in the building and shortly there after, 1 gander, 1 goose and 2 goslings ran out.  Yeap, all is well in the world of the geese.

On the turn of bad news for the week, Doc came out and as we suspected, not in foal.  Bummed is not even covering it.  But the stud owner is standing by his word and instead of rebreeding Rosie, we are sending Glory out to Central Iowa for breeding to the same stud.  That's a weekend project.

And while Doc was out, Torey got a look over.  Seems our last farrier did a super crappy job, yes he's fired big time.  What looked like 12 weeks between trims was only 6 and he was now lame.  Luck has it a name recommended by others, was called and he even came out Tuesday night and trimmed him on the spot.  Much happier horse, much nicer feet and Muff is relieved.  Giving him a few more days off and then starting back at it.

Rest of the week.....oh nice and quiet.  Would you believe I got to read a book and started on another?  But that too will pass... it's fair prep time!

So the weekend if full of pre fair activities up at the fair grounds, a trip to Central Iowa with a horse and yes, I see a fire pit with a big pile of wood in it, clear skies for Saturday night and the lockers opened.

Posts will be a little sparse as we gear up for the big swing into fair week.  But I'll try to get some great photos.

Later gators...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A must read

A must read for those of you who are concerned about our rights, our real animal rights.


Later gators....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Death by brownies

I hate getting old.  That means parts fail, fall apart, wish some would fall off, or the parts wearing out.

For the last 6 years now I've dealt with gall bladder issue as well as a wonderful allergy that causes my asthma flair ups..  Nothing like Muff's red dye 40 or  weird hot dog allergies.  No, worse.   Sometimes it's as simple as a certain type of oil.  Like I can't eat eggplant parmesan any more because eggplants are oil sponges.   Citrus can sometimes make me feel icky, but the worst is....eggs.  Oh my.  I love a deviled egg, sunny side up with a triangle of toast.  Quiche, custard pies, angel food cakes.   All no no's.  We are talking Alec looking at me and wondering outloud if he should take me to the emergency room so I don't die at home.  Body aches, can't keep anything down, or in the body.  It's nasty.   Then there's the asmtha and the allergies to artificial sweetners.  Try dieting, it's really hard when you can't eat anything  labeled as sugar free, no diet sodas, crystal light, etc.  Have to really think hard about what you are putting in your body.

It's been a learning curve.  Steep one.  The family has had to adjust.  My mother is constantly giving me egg less recipes and I am reading labels.  Though part of this is gallbladder related, it's also an allergy.  I have a harder time with foods that just use whites vs yokes.  We are going to experiment later this summer with chicken vs duck eggs-someone has told me that that can be the puzzle piece we've been missing.  But in the mean time, baked items are the biggest challenge as the chemistry is different based on the ingredients.

Again, it's been 6 years of trials and troubles.   Really took me about 5 years to figure out what worked and what didn't.  I'm finally back on the right track.  I've lost weight over the winter, happy to be able to get into some of those clothes I'd put away.  Though another 10 lbs would be awesome, especially off my tushy.

Back to death by the brownie.  

Muff likes to bake.  She particularly loves to bake brownies.  Most brownies I can't eat-it's the chemistry of the eggs and other items and cooking times.  Also remember this is 5'8" of teenager.  All skinny, eats the fridge empty on a routine basis and is still growing.  Brownies are her mainstay and I really hate coming in the house to the smell of something so good yet so bad for me.

Last night, in a state of depression and utter despair, I ate a brownie.  Then I went to bed knowing I could die during the night, be up in pain, be sick, all those fun things.   Nothing.  Seriously nothing.  I woke up feeling great.   Now my brain says lets try that again!!!  My body so does not think that's a good idea.   I'm just happy that I'm upright and slept all night :)

Or this could be a simple lapse between my gallbladder and assorted insides and my brain.  I could implode later on today.  Ah but death by brownie, what a way to go!

Later gators....

Monday, June 2, 2014

Great just got better!

Can I just say it, Liz you are awesome!

Okay that out of the way.  Over the last couple of months I've had a really hard time with decisions on the dogs.  Specifically puppies.  Having had a horrible experience with someone I thought was trustworthy, I had to reset myself with it came to placing puppies.  Unfortunately that means that if I want it shown, I have to keep it myself or place a damn nice dog in a pet home.  Now that's not bad by any means but it can be frustrating.

Back to Liz and her pat on the back.  I adore Liz.  She became a dear friend very quickly upon picking out her Max from the Dirty Dozen litter(can you believe they'll be four this fall?)  Max has gone on to become a great conformation champion, rally novice title holder and is having a blast racking up the titles in agility.  And being a big brother to the newest star, Duffy.

Now let's talk about Duffy.  He's got some hair issues, yes we all agree on that.  But Liz has that handled well.  Just don't bath him the day before the show, he'll look like a cotton ball :)

Duffy also is rock solid in that nothing bothers him.  An out of control dog with a clueless handler that both snark at him, no worries.  Flips his gorgeous tail and says whatever!   He can play with the best and loves Muff's lap at the shows.  Jumps right up in to it, invited or not.

But Duffy is also a rock star in his own right....now a group placer!  From the classes!  Isn't that awesome???  Liz said that maybe it's worth it to stay for the groups now.  Well duh!  

For me, I was like OMG OMG OMG!   Not so much for me but for Liz.  They so deserved it and it makes me as the breeder of the dog, so happy that I placed the right dog with the perfect person.

Now I'll post the photo when it gets here, but in the mean time, don't you think this photos screams future super show dog?

Later gators....