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Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm toast

I'm so done.  Toast.  Stick a fork in me....

When isn't one of our weekends whirlwind these days?   So Saturday off to get horse equipment repaired, look for some new stuff, stock up on supplies in Hazelton.

Sunday, up at the butt crack of dawn to get in line at Waverly.  Boy, it was nuts. The parking needs to be addressed as well as some of the set up.  Just not really well organized and not a lot of stuff of quality either.

Though some how I ran into several people who indeed did know what a cardigan was and even knew of some of the old time cardigan breeders.  WOW!  Oh and several others wanted to know how much I'd sell Mal and Kevin for....you all know that there are days I'll pay people to take Kevin :)  Not one of those days.  Sorry not for sale.

We did come home with this...
and this.....

I've been hunting for golden lace wyandotte chicks for ages, finally found some.  And Muff and I decided we needed a goat.  And yes, we are looking for a second one to keep this one company.  Phoenix thinks it's a cool play toy.  Dogs, oh can we chase it?  Ducks--what the hell did  you do now???

And while we sent off the Muff on her trip, that left Hubby and I as empty nesters.  Shocking!  What to do?  Why let's clean the barn!  Finally, after 11 years, we have a nice tack room, all the saddles hung up, bridle racks coming this week and it's super fun to have it all in one organized place.  

Did I mention I rode the princess too?  No limp, little stiff and yes, I now have my trail horse back.  For some odd reason she's stuck in reverse.  Can't stand still, keeps moving slowly backwards.  Nothing is simple is it?

Later gators....

Friday, April 10, 2015


It's another scene out of Chicken Run.  

The chickens, they did organize.  And they did escape.  To the barn.  To the field, the pasture, the front yard, the front paddocks......they're every where, they're every where.

In my study, no less.  There's a wading pool with a tall expen around it-nine 7 week old chicks.  If anyone want's some cochin bantams, all pullets, I've three available.  They are residing with 4 ameraucana pullets.

Up on the large grooming table sits a row of brooder totes.  Lights glaring.  One has 3 week old buff leghorns and buff easter eggers, the other has more buff leghorns and ameraucanas.  Anyone want the buffs?
Last one, which we set up last night because Muff just can't say no to ameraucanas.  New residents are brown reds and blue wheatens(we think).

I still have bantams and call ducks in the dog kennel.  Moving them out to the new almost finished building this weekend.  It's like one of those little board games.  You know the one where they slide the pieces around to put them in order but you have only one empty space and have to shift and move?
Yep that's totally what it's like around here.  Move this so that we can then move that.  Pictures of the chaos to follow.....this weekend is the Waverly Swap.    Yes I have more chicks reserved....golden lace wyandottes.  Then in two weeks, the last of the bantam chicks come in. 

Hum is this me?  Oh we need an intervention.....

later gators...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

little random ranting going on

I read several blogs.  I love to read that people have the same issues I do.  That the struggle to keep up with the daily chaos is not purely designated to only me.  BUT....I've recently stopped reading a couple blogs simply because the poor me crap gets really old at times.  Especially when it's self induced, it's because you're claim to fame is is is ...well, that you are learning as you go???  Or that you are wallowing in self pity in order to get attention?

Now don't get me wrong, there are times when I wonder what the hell am I doing or why the heck am I doing it?  But I chose not to blab it across the blogosphere.  Nope, I leave that to the many emails I exchange with a select few people-ones that love to snicker and snort right along with me as I do the old "V8" head bop.

Of late I think my email conversations are along the lines of ....did you see these comments from so and so on Fb?  OMG, are they dying for some attention or what?  Oh poor poor me, look at how foolish I make this look.  Or even better--why should we really care that some people just seem to have all the dumb stupid luck? I swear, karma is on vacation with some people.  

Okay, so for my last random rant...training your dog.  There are a couple awesome training blogs out there.  I enjoy learning, I love the ability of people to see the humor in our dogs.  But then I read so many comments about not having the talent or it's not my cup of tea or well, my dog just isn't made for that. Get a life---everyone trains their dogs.  No wait, the dog trains them.  Don't leave the trash can out, put away your shoes, when you are on the phone it's the best time to get attention.  I could go on and on.  That came from an article I read in a hunting magazine about 20 years ago.  We might think that we train our dogs but in fact, our dog's know better...they've trained us.

 This is my favorite quote because honestly, I'm not a good trainer, but that hasn't stopped me.  You say-not a good trainer?  I have no focus and rarely push myself like I should to work with me dogs as much as I could.  That's a me issue.  My dogs, thank GOD, cover my ass and make me look good.

"Titling a dog does not mean you are the best trainer or that you have the best dog....

It means you  never gave up, overcame the disappointments, didn't give in to your critics and learned enough to realize how little you actually know. "

Ranting over.  Remember this blog is titled--Random Thoughts.  Believe me, it's one of those random days.

Just sayin'....


Monday, April 6, 2015

And the end result is....

Great weekend spent with the family...in the barn of course!!  We painted jumps, built new ones, ate too much stuff and the Easter Bunny brought chocolate!

Phoenix got a little hand walking on Sunday.  As gruesome as the last post was, here's the new and improved photo!

She's moving well, using her toe a little more than I'd like, but she literally just got her wraps off and is still getting used to walking without them.

Now makes me grin big and wide.  Who wouda thunk on New Year's Day they would be doing this.....
We'd like to see a little more extension off the rear right but again, that's the injured leg and will take time to get the full range of motion back.  We've got some PT to do to get the flexation back. 

Now if I can just avoid the jelly beans and cadbury eggs....I must have gained a gazillion pounds over the weekend.

Later gator...

Friday, April 3, 2015

I give up

Just screw your head on sideways or upside down.  The story has to be told....even with pictures turned every which way.

So most of you know that Mr Torrence had a little boo boo this winter.  Prissy Pants Phoenix had a big boo boo.  But back to Torey....

This is your leg after you stick it through the hay feeder.....
New Year's Day of all times.  
And of course, the sideways shot taken 2 1/2 mos later.  Just a tiny boo boo.  Completely sound.  Now to get the farrier out to trim those hooves!

And the prissy little princess says that the boys can't hog all the attention.....

I know, I know...stand on your head....

Purty, ain't it???
About 2 weeks after the first one.

Basically, she cut an 8" gash down the front of her left rear leg.  Again, can't do it when it's convenient.  Remember that February blizzard?  Yeppers, that's the one.  Blood everywhere.  
So gash down to the cannon bone.  Several small punctures and scratches.  Oh don't forget she tried to cut her entire heel bulb off too.  

Neither horse had any tendon damage.  No joint or tendon capsules touched.  All soft tissue if you can wrap your head around that. 

Torey is now out on pasture and perfectly fine.  The scar is barely visable and some good white spray chalk will cover it up.  Little swollen but hey, he's sound!  

Phoenix is still on stall duty.  I'll post a photo Monday of the current status.  The front is healed and growing hair, no proud flesh.  The heel bulb has a big bump/odd scar.  Now if she can quit kicking, bucking and being a royal shit in her stall, she'll get some hand walking.  2 1/2 weeks ago she went all kinds of wild, kicked the gate and went lame on that leg.  Just a ding, nothing major, just set her back some.  Sound, yes, learned anything, no.  

Now this story can't end with out thanking HUGELY, Dr Beck with Beck Equine.  She's the most awesome vet in my book.  Mobile, smart and really works with the owners and patients well.  Did I mention she's on my speed dial now?   

So what did you do this winter? 
Later gators...

Friday, March 27, 2015


Test---if this is sideways I'm going to scream :)


Okay, blogger, what are you doing to me?????

More on this story if I can get the photos to post the correct way.  I don't want anyone to get a hitch in their neck looking at them.


Remember, I'm into random thinking

I've had one of those weeks.  You know, things tend to irritate when normally they don't.  Or that it's simply one thing on top of another.  Or people on ego trips.  Or, or, or....

First off lets say I'm proud of my kids.  We've had our ups and downs but I think they have grown into well adjusted, kind people that are honest, well meaning and definitely not rude or bullies.  My point?  Man have I run into a lot of people that just, well, turning into bullies and that sarcastic way of thinking and talking, that is more than that.

Ran into an article, which I think parents need to read.  Sure you might think it's funny, but is it really a good character trait or is it something more?


Yeap, been one of those weeks, can you tell?

Just sayin....