Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bigger, better and what????

I think in light of some recent events, it might be a good time to review these little words of wisdom....

Now that being said, let's talk.  

Every time we sign a dog entry form, pay our membership dues or register a dog or litter, we agree to and have a MORAL obligation to uphold the bylaws, rules and COE's of that club.  Be it AKC, your local all breed, performance or parent club. 

To take this into context, let me say this.  Working on canine legislation has opened my eyes to the fact that most of the a/r groupies are self centered.  More better and bigger legislation is needed because they aren't getting what they want. 

Current laws in most areas are just fine but lack the ability to enforce or the resources to enforce.  Should that not be the concern and be the solution that needs worked on?

When it comes to the dog breeding and showing business, why is there a need to reinvent the wheel and create yet another list?  Simply because something didn't go your way or action was not taken  in a way that you wanted it, not because the system failed, but YOU failed to make an effort in the process.  

We can't all get what we want all the time.  We do have to compromise but that can't happen if you fail to participate in the process.   And we won't always get everything we want, but we do need to work with those within the machine to make sure it's equal and fair. 

So with that, I'm pretty happy with agreeing to the CWCCA and AKC terms as they are.  I also can live with myself and what I do for my dogs without the need to add my name to yet another list that lacks boundries, policies or ways to maintain the integrity of it's principals. 

Just sayin'.....

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