Wednesday, October 28, 2015

From the other side of life............

Muff is headed to Louisville, KY this week.  It's National FFA Convention time!

Here's a little ditty that I think many of you can relate to.   I'm gonna tweak this for the dog people :)

You might be an FFA member if.....

  • Some people have a green thumb, but you have a Greenhand.
  • Your jacket is your formal wear.   
  • You own more pairs of panty hoses than Walmart can make.   "Another hole, seriously?"
  • You've contemplated buying those spray on panty hose.
  • During opening ceremonies  you say all of the lines with the officers and don't pause at during the first line of the pledge.
  • Your fellow FFA members are more than just teammates or friends, they are family.
  • You go to National Convention with judt a few things, but come back with bags and bags of goodies.  
  • You spend hours in a vehicle traveling.
  • You can sleep anywhere and in any position.
  • You have to correct people when they call you the Future Farmers of America and then you have to give them an FFA history lesson.
  • You spend more time with your Ag Teacher than you spend with some of your family members.
  • You get excited when you see FFA members from other states.  It's not license plate bingo, it's FFA jacket bingo.
  • Your jacket is your hidey hole.  Phone, purse, last night's dinner, a ribbon from a year ago and FFA manual.
  • You amaze everyone with how many pockets your jacket has.   Pull a rabbit out of your pocket!
  • You bleed blue and gold.
  • Your calendar is full of different events and competitions--see me when I'm free in January.
  • You think a scarf and tie are the most classy thing you own.
  • You use FFA pick up lines, "Hey you are as beautiful as the rising sun."
  • You can run on hardly no sleep, early mornings and late nights are no big deal.
  • You can do a week's worth of make up home work in the van on the way to convention.
  • You pack an iron for every trip.
  • National Convention is like a vacation to you.  
Have a great time at Convention!!!   Oh and I need some new pens, can you work on that for me?

Later gators....

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