Friday, January 15, 2016

Ah, it's gift exchange season

Pardon me as I'm also battling a head cold, turning into a sinus infection and cold meds make me cranky.  I'm need to rant, so what better place?!

Saw my first craigslist ad of the gift return/exchange season.......the puppy given to a child as a gift for Christmas and well, it just isn't working out.

This is the reason we do not give animals as PRESENTS!!!!    The shelters and rescues want you to listen to their sob story that every animal deserves a home for the holidays.  That empty kennel runs and cages in their facilities is a great thing(don't get me wrong, it is) but wait......there's more.

I saw an ad over the holiday's that said that animals given as presents are more likely to stay in their home because of the additional attachment a person has to a gift given to them.  This of course was sponsored by a humane society and rescue organization.  Seriously?????   What kind of world are we in that we are willing to offer a person and animal a life of discontent because of the emotional attachment of - but so and so gave it to me and I can't part with it.....even if I'm allergic, the pet is too big, too small, barks, I can't spend time walking, training, grooming, etc.

Recent story from a person looking for a new pet after having sent their old one to the bridge.  Went to look at a dog at a local humane society, suggested by a friend.  Dog is a large 75lb beast.  Shelter does same day adoptions.   Dog started out as a puppy with them, has been returned 3 times now because they didn't do home visits, follow through and placed the dog with a person understanding of the breed and committed to the dog.  3 times????   Dog is now fully grown, been shifted between homes, no training and they have no clue why the dog is back, again.

And last but not least, Iowa rescues are routinely doing transportation and mass adoption events for animals that are illegally transported across state lines.   One rescue has a strong relationship with a Miami FL shelter and monthly trips bring dogs up from "over crowded shelters".   Here's the catch-many of these dogs are unhealthy, have bite records, and and and....those "over crowded shelters" are now publicizing importing of dogs from out of the country!   Seriously, I think our whole society has lost it's way.

Where is our God given common sense?

Morphing a bit---should have warned you this would be a random post, oh wait, that's the blog title!

Kids these days lack respect for elders, have no clue about the kindness of opening a door for someone, lack the patience to work for something they want and oh here's a good one--did you know that you can't send currency through the mail, but change like quarters and dimes isn't currency, it's change.  OMG, beat my head on the counter.  They can't write a check correctly, balance a ledger, count back my change, read cursive, let alone write it.  Common sense is not being enforced in our society at the most basic level-please, thank you, elbows off the table, asked to be excused and stop whining when it's not all about you.

I'm seeing instagram accounts begging for followers, where the same kids can't give someone else the time of day.  Worship of objects, unable to take constructive criticism because parents today can't bear to tell them no or be anything but a positive person.  Really?   Life isn't all about rainbows and unicorns.   If you can't learn to handle the ups and downs as a child, what kind of adult will you be?

Now back to that animal as a present.  Don't do it.  just. don't. do. it.

Just sayin'