Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Not Just A Corgi!

First off, this time of the year is hell for those of us in the corgi world.  I'm not simply talking about the war we wage on mud and our low riders  Nope, it's the frequenter calls, emails, texts or strangers on the street asking you if you have any "corgis" available.


It's not just a "corgi"!   I must apologize if you call and I sound exasperated.   Because first and foremost, it's like asking someone if they have a retriever available.  Or a sheepdog, or a spaniel or terrier.   A golden is not the same as a labrador, an old english sheepdog is a far cry from a belgian sheepdog and so on......

Cardigan Welsh Corgis(cardis) and Pembroke Welsh Corgis(pemmies) are two different and distinct breeds.  There is a section of what I loosely will call "breeders" who want to confuse you with semi facts and make you think they were one in the same.   Simply because at the onset of mass transportation(turn of the century), a select group of people decide to breed the two together(about a 20 to 30 yr span.  They registered them as separate breeds within the same litter.   And it was not the entire breed groups but just a small, very small, select few litters that this happened with.   Since that point all of the kennel clubs world wide have them as distinct separate breeds--not varieties of the same breed.

So  for a few more facts;  blue merle is not a hidden gene, it's not a color in pembrokes.  Cardigans aren't cardigans just because they have a tail.   Both have not only distinct structure , but origins and most importantly temperaments.  No breeder in their right mind will dock a cardigans tail nor will a pembroke breeder leave tails on just because it makes them look more like a cardigan. There never should be breeding strictly for size and doodle bugs or toys or minis are not unique or even preferred.

What I ask is this.......please take your time and learn about the breeds.   We know statistically that many dogs are in shelters, rescues or rehomed because of irresponsible owners who don't take the time to learn about and make an informed decision about their future breed of dog.  

Make sure to meet some of the breed-older dogs, young adults and puppies.  Talk to people who own the breed.  Know what you are getting yourself into.   Go to shows, trials, fun matches, meet-n-greets, kennel club meetings etc.  Do your research!   Never give a dog as a present, avoid adding a pet to the house during stressful times such as holidays, birthdays, big events.   Find a reputable breeder or rescue and be patient.  

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