Thursday, April 9, 2015

little random ranting going on

I read several blogs.  I love to read that people have the same issues I do.  That the struggle to keep up with the daily chaos is not purely designated to only me.  BUT....I've recently stopped reading a couple blogs simply because the poor me crap gets really old at times.  Especially when it's self induced, it's because you're claim to fame is is is ...well, that you are learning as you go???  Or that you are wallowing in self pity in order to get attention?

Now don't get me wrong, there are times when I wonder what the hell am I doing or why the heck am I doing it?  But I chose not to blab it across the blogosphere.  Nope, I leave that to the many emails I exchange with a select few people-ones that love to snicker and snort right along with me as I do the old "V8" head bop.

Of late I think my email conversations are along the lines of ....did you see these comments from so and so on Fb?  OMG, are they dying for some attention or what?  Oh poor poor me, look at how foolish I make this look.  Or even better--why should we really care that some people just seem to have all the dumb stupid luck? I swear, karma is on vacation with some people.  

Okay, so for my last random your dog.  There are a couple awesome training blogs out there.  I enjoy learning, I love the ability of people to see the humor in our dogs.  But then I read so many comments about not having the talent or it's not my cup of tea or well, my dog just isn't made for that. Get a life---everyone trains their dogs.  No wait, the dog trains them.  Don't leave the trash can out, put away your shoes, when you are on the phone it's the best time to get attention.  I could go on and on.  That came from an article I read in a hunting magazine about 20 years ago.  We might think that we train our dogs but in fact, our dog's know better...they've trained us.

 This is my favorite quote because honestly, I'm not a good trainer, but that hasn't stopped me.  You say-not a good trainer?  I have no focus and rarely push myself like I should to work with me dogs as much as I could.  That's a me issue.  My dogs, thank GOD, cover my ass and make me look good.

"Titling a dog does not mean you are the best trainer or that you have the best dog....

It means you  never gave up, overcame the disappointments, didn't give in to your critics and learned enough to realize how little you actually know. "

Ranting over.  Remember this blog is titled--Random Thoughts.  Believe me, it's one of those random days.

Just sayin'....


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