Monday, April 6, 2015

And the end result is....

Great weekend spent with the the barn of course!!  We painted jumps, built new ones, ate too much stuff and the Easter Bunny brought chocolate!

Phoenix got a little hand walking on Sunday.  As gruesome as the last post was, here's the new and improved photo!

She's moving well, using her toe a little more than I'd like, but she literally just got her wraps off and is still getting used to walking without them.

Now makes me grin big and wide.  Who wouda thunk on New Year's Day they would be doing this.....
We'd like to see a little more extension off the rear right but again, that's the injured leg and will take time to get the full range of motion back.  We've got some PT to do to get the flexation back. 

Now if I can just avoid the jelly beans and cadbury eggs....I must have gained a gazillion pounds over the weekend.

Later gator...

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