Friday, April 3, 2015

I give up

Just screw your head on sideways or upside down.  The story has to be told....even with pictures turned every which way.

So most of you know that Mr Torrence had a little boo boo this winter.  Prissy Pants Phoenix had a big boo boo.  But back to Torey....

This is your leg after you stick it through the hay feeder.....
New Year's Day of all times.  
And of course, the sideways shot taken 2 1/2 mos later.  Just a tiny boo boo.  Completely sound.  Now to get the farrier out to trim those hooves!

And the prissy little princess says that the boys can't hog all the attention.....

I know, I know...stand on your head....

Purty, ain't it???
About 2 weeks after the first one.

Basically, she cut an 8" gash down the front of her left rear leg.  Again, can't do it when it's convenient.  Remember that February blizzard?  Yeppers, that's the one.  Blood everywhere.  
So gash down to the cannon bone.  Several small punctures and scratches.  Oh don't forget she tried to cut her entire heel bulb off too.  

Neither horse had any tendon damage.  No joint or tendon capsules touched.  All soft tissue if you can wrap your head around that. 

Torey is now out on pasture and perfectly fine.  The scar is barely visable and some good white spray chalk will cover it up.  Little swollen but hey, he's sound!  

Phoenix is still on stall duty.  I'll post a photo Monday of the current status.  The front is healed and growing hair, no proud flesh.  The heel bulb has a big bump/odd scar.  Now if she can quit kicking, bucking and being a royal shit in her stall, she'll get some hand walking.  2 1/2 weeks ago she went all kinds of wild, kicked the gate and went lame on that leg.  Just a ding, nothing major, just set her back some.  Sound, yes, learned anything, no.  

Now this story can't end with out thanking HUGELY, Dr Beck with Beck Equine.  She's the most awesome vet in my book.  Mobile, smart and really works with the owners and patients well.  Did I mention she's on my speed dial now?   

So what did you do this winter? 
Later gators...

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