Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where did Spring go?

Once again I am a bad bad blogger.   It's just been a little busy around here--you know, having to do stuff while dodging the next big storm.  But everything is soooo green now.

Updates--Cora and Eddie are the proud parents of 7 little monsters.  We did loose two puppies early on, but the remaining 7 are doing well.  2 boys-1 blue, 1 b/w, 5 girls-1 blue and 4 b/w.  Doing some supplemental feeding right now to keep them all gaining well  and I need a nap.   Of course, when everyone wants a boy, I get my girl litter.  Sigh, such is life. 

nd now for the updates on the Pete kids aka the Monsters.  Archie is in a great new home, just down the road from us!  He's now Zak and is totally showing the resident pemmie what cardigan boys are made of!   

After some discussion and evaluations, we have decided to keep Betty and offer Veronica and Darby to companion homes.  I must say this is my best socialized litter as they have had multiple weeks of attendence at our 4-H obedience classes.  The kids even got them leash broke for me!   Just started taping ears, that's a battle.  Darby has his out in  like 2 nano seconds.  We'll need to readdress that shortly.   But their ears were starting to bounce and having HUGE ears, need a little help.  Now photos, please remember these are the ugly 14 week old puppy photos.  They are all legs, long bodies and no chest--it's not caught up with the growth of the legs.  Oh and I had help with the photos, which means that they are no where near good-chickens, ducks, horses running the pasture and Cora teasing Connor who thinks every girl in the house is hs and in season-which they aren't.

First up the leaning tower of Veronica.  She is a hoot.  She has been out in the poultry yard with me many times and is totally a herding fool!  She's got great instinct thanks to her mom and I would love to see her in a herding home, as I really don't think couch dog is in her future.

And now for Darby Do.  That's what you get, total goober.  Has some mild herding instinct but like the dude that he is, gets a little distracted. Notice we are onto holder #2 and Alec couldn't stop laughing at this fluffy silly boy.  He's a total love, started fetching and needs someone who loves that he's just Darby--goofy silly boy, Darby.

No photo of Betty--sorry.  She was totally distracted and all I got was the ready to pounce photo.  Just not cool.   

More later, I think.  County fair starts next week and we are soooo not ready!!!

Later gators....

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