Monday, May 13, 2013


OMG, I swear my dogs are totally out to destroy my house!!!!

Friday Ms and I went to work at Ag in the Park.  Long day, tons of great kids, tired dogs and dusty humans.  Sparkles, Sprinkles and Cupcake went along for the day and everyone loves a friendly goose.  Moose, Max, Lace and Mal went along for the dog safety demos.  Max was awesome!  First time doing it and loved all the pets and scratches.  Really made kids realize that GSD's aren't big bad dogs at all.  And we had some really good discussions on the fact that it is never a dog's breed's fault for the way it behaves.  It's so much the owner and the amount of time they are willing to give to the dog.  

Home we went and another OMG!!!  John and David had spent the day working on transforming my garage into the dogatorium.  No longer do I have a garage door, but a lovely framed in door, with huge window bank.  Siding is almost all the way up and next is the north door.  I'll be able to keep my house much cleaner by letting dogs in through there.  Photos coming soon!

Ms and I had to run a couple errands, left dogs loose in the house, Hubby to supervise.  Can you see where this might be going?

1 1/2 hours later, we walked in to Max looking at me and saying---I had nothing to do with this, I swear. 

I've never had a dog open cupboards before.  Until Thumbs and his gang of hoodlums got organized.

Trash all over the kitchen, dining room and living room.  In the end I giggled.  We all helped with clean up but man, but boy did they make a mess. We were scrubbing floors and carpets and finding trash all night long. 

Saturday, ohmygrashness.  

We came home in the afternoon, hubby at fairgrounds helping with a clinic.  Pete is in jail having decided she can climb the shelves and jump into the puppy pen.  Thumbs is lose along with his honey Cora.  I think a couple others are lose too.  

Tote in study, open, treats eaten, nutrocal treats must be icky, full bag sitting in the middle of the floor untouched.  Notice garbage cans on counter?  Pick up mess, unload dogs, and get ready to let dogs out front.  Puppies first.  Did I mention I have to pee?  Race of the decades with four puppies to front door-they beat us.  Alec opens door, starts to put pups on ground(avoiding the four steps).  Veronica....can....not...wait....gotta....gooooo....NOW!  So she is darting around living room barking.  I stop to pick her up, pee.  Let go, runs to door, reach down to stop her from bolting out door, pee.  Pick puppy up, Alec goes to stand up as I put her down on step, door hits him in the ass.  Sends him sailing off steps, onto ground, hurts neck in the avoidance of landing on puppies.  Veronica on step, all four feet out and shaking-what the hell just happened to that kid?  

Did I mention I had to pee?

Doubled over, giggling, trying to get puppy on ground, Alec rolling around groaning wondering what the hell happened.  Be back to help you in a minute, cause if I stand up, well, we'll need to mop the floor.  

David comes home a little later to us sitting in chairs, groaning.  Guess that Thumbs and his gang had had several crime sprees that day.

Seems the first time he left for an errand, they opened the cupboard, again, and drug the empty garbage can into the living room--ie why the cans are sitting on the counter.  It was empty so no harm done but I think the decided to rearrange some other items in the house too.

2nd time he left and came back, walks in the study and the pull out shelf for the computer keyboard is out, keyboard on the floor.  Mouse in a strange position.  Stack a new CDs pulled out of desk( by PC base) and strung across floor.  We'll need to check the computer and see what sites they were logging onto and what they were surfing for-dog treats, antlers?  

Of course Thumbs denies it all.  EBD who is his hit man, says(use your best mafia voice here) dont know what youze is talking about.  Just honest law abiding citizens enjoying a nice weekend.

It's lock down-Pete's in a crate, Thumbs is locked in a crate-he can't get this one open.  EBD is banned to the downstairs and Alec's room.  Granny-bedroom(she's been opening crates and eating everyone's left overs--diet is her middle name).  Now let's see what happens when Cora and Max are left to house?  

I fear the chickens are planning a revolt now.

later gators...

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the part with the computer was very funny