Thursday, April 11, 2013


I know, I know, people are getting uppity about photos--go to Facebook, I uploaded a slug there.   And I know, I'm a bad person-the website sucks, haven't got it all updated and well, that could be this weekend, we'll see.

So I'm home from Tucson, that's another post.   But here's the latest and greatest of the "I" kids.

Darby and Betty-love the sleeping positions! 
The lovely Veronica-she smiles just like her Uncle Moose.

A sleeping Archie aka piggy.

And Veronica, again.  She's hard to keep out of photos.  Playing with the toys we brought home from Nationals.

Archie attacking the pig-he loves toys.

Veronica, again, are you sick of her yet?

Archie using Veronica as a pillow-loves his sister's big butt.

The gang-l to r:  Darby the b/w boy, Veronica the brindle girl, Archie the other b/w boy and last but not least, Betty the b/w girl who hates to have her picture taken.

On an interesting side note, and this is just random stuff I'm thinking about today.  It's getting harder and harder to accept people as they are-you know all their quirks and such.  Especially when you think they are heartfelt in what they say, yet they continue to keep stuff posted that contradicts their apology.  Does that make sense.  I guess I can say that I have forgiven, did that a long time ago as carrying that burden isn't worth it.  But you know they totally aren't forgiving themselves or are only saying the words.  Take down the crap that still says you dislike me, hate me or my actions...then I'll believe that you mean it.   No skin off my back though, it isn't worth it to me to continue the hate.   

Sigh, time for more puppy cuddles.   And yes, I know the dreaded update on the week that was....

Later gators...