Thursday, April 11, 2013

CWCCA National -- in review

Short and sweet--we came home with tons of rosettes, memories and a new fuel pump.

The longer version you say?

Dawn, Shelley, the Ms and I trooped down 1500 miles plus with 8 dogs to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America's National Specialty last week.  The Mystery Machine was loaded, but room to spare.  It was a long 25 plus hours, lovely scenery on the way down, though Southern KS and the Panhandle areas leave a lot of be desired.  

Upon arrival, we exploded into our hotel room, over to the host hotel and exploded there again.

Monday-eek, performance.   Dawn was doing obedience and agility, Shelley and I were up for rally only.   Moose Q'd in advanced with a so so score, which of course had a little to do with the crash and burn, aka face plant he did over the jump.  It was really funny after the fact, but totally a Snookie moment that he totally took in stride.  3rd place(out of 3 to be honest).  We also helped out with CGC's that afternoon after Dawn got done with agility.   Wash, Mal's brother, got his BN title on Monday also.

Tuesday-back at it again,  but with a twist!  Megan match that night, so had to bring along the dressy clothes.   Moose, learning for his experience of the day before, performed a very nice jump exercise and got a decent 96 and 3rd place(out of three).  One more leg for his RA needed.  The Ms showed him in the Megan and had fun with him.  Knew we wouldn't do a thing but it was fun none the less.  The shock of the day was when Frank made the cut in the red dog class!   WOW-the top red dogs were in there and Frank showed like a trouper.  

Wednesday-sweeps day.  Wow wee, let me tell you, I would have been happy to go home after that day, as in we done good!  Wash won the 9-12 class, Mal was 3rd.  Then Kaylee went 2nd in her big 9-12 class.  It was awesome.  I got to show Moose this time around and you know, he's just too much dog for the judges and that's exactly the reason why I don't show him.  Though interestingly enough, I happened to be sitting in the grass on the courtyard with him during the week and a long time club member/breeder/judge, came over and commented that he was indeed a big dog, but a very nice and well put together big dog-shame more of the dogs out there these days aren't like him.   Gotta love the Moose dog!

Thursday-class dogs.  Now I will admit, by this time in the week, I was getting tired.   And I also must agree with a couple comments heard that many wished the judges had been swapped around.  Not the I dislike any of the judges there this year, but I have a hard time agreeing with some of what was put up.  Lots of forward shoulders, bad shoulders, poor movement, and all at a time when I keep hearing from all those around us about how bad our shoulders are and at breeders and judges ed, that was the hot topic.  Sigh.
So with that said, Wash had a meltdown on the table and Dawn asked to be excused.  Believe me, he wasn't the only one-one bitch on Friday was also excused and several dog on both days backed up when the judge approached or had to be held on the table.   I've never seen this before at a National and very rarely ever at regular shows.   Granted I had the same thing last fall with Penny, and I guess it was for very much the same reasons.
Mal went on to get 3rd in a very tough BBE class that ended up having the 1st place winner be BBE in Show.
To end the day we did CGC's again-I helped and then had Mal tested, who btw, passed with flying colors.  He rocked it and now we move on to work on his BN then RN then, gulp, CD?  
We hung around for the breeder's ed seminar and as always, learned something new.  

Friday-class bitches and juniors.   Kaylee was up that day, but no loving from the judge.  She was too small for him, which is a shame as she moved the best of them all.  We then hung out poolside while the Ms swam for like 5 hours.  Then it was time for judges ed.  We stayed for that as I want to know what our club is teaching the up and coming judges about our breed.  Needless to say so much time was spent on the fronts and shoulders and skimmed over the rears.  Shame shame shame, as I think I saw some of the worst rears and movement at this show.   Dogs who claim to have great reach are running like GSD's on their hocks, horrible angles, etc.  ugh.

Juniors-the Ms showed well.  2nd in her class and honestly she talked to the judge and it was totally little things that she had to nitpick because both girls were so good.  Eddie had fun too.  What I do want to mention is that I am so proud of my daughter.  She showed so much maturity, even in loosing by offering to help the other junior out.   She didn't have to, she didn't get a pat on the back or a thank you for helping, she just did it.  And with a great big smile on her face.   I'm happy to have her as my own little girl.

Saturday-and yes I'm tired and sick.  Ate something on Friday that didn't agree with me.  We got the three dogs ready for breed-Peace, Chip and Frank.   Frankie once again surprised me--making a cut in a tough class that left some other big name dogs out.   He was rocking it and actually having fun.   But that was about it.  We did hang out and cheer for Powell who went on to BISS--once again, it came from the veteran classes-wow!    We then opted to pack up at the hotel and then head home after the banquet rather then spend one more night.  Good and bad......the Mystery Machine died, got it to our hotel but then it was the logistics of getting the dogs and our remaining stuff back to our hotel.

To the rescue, Garrett and Brian(Jessica's husband).   Then after the banquet, Ladye Hawke and Terry Devine got the rest of it over.   I can not say enough thank you's for helping out!  It's amazing how some people do without being asked and we constantly kept in touch as we were headed home.

Sunday-ugh, finally got a great 24 hr mechanic to come look at the van. Stan you are the best!  Though he could not fix it, he recommended and set up the repairs at a local shop for Monday.  That meant another day in Tucson, but the Ms got to go swimming :)

Monday, 5pm, rolled out of Tucson with a new fuel pump on the Mystery Machine.  An extra dog to bring home, loads of rosettes, prizes and goodies.  But some how we still managed to have room?   Dust storms in AZ and New Mexico, horrible winds in the Panhandle area and by Tuesday morning, we were rolling into Southern Kansas and rain.   We arrived at my door at 11:45pm Tuesday night, unpacked, repacked Shelley's car and sent the Minnesota crew on their way.  I crawled in bed at 12:45 or so Wednesday morning then got up and went to work.

It was an adventure.  Koodoos to the club for a well put on show, great show site and fun.  Will I go back to AZ, doubt anytime soon.   Weather was lovely, but I need green grass not rocks and sand.  I need that change in the weather, the rain and yes, the mud.   I think the dogs and I will hang out in Iowa for a while now.

So the total?  Mal CGC, 3rd in sweeps and 3rd in BBE.  Eddie-looked cute, 2nd in juniors, nothing in stud dog.  Moose-two 3rd place rally advanced legs.  Frankie-cuts in both the Megan and breed.   And made some great new friends and proved that a cute fluffy blue dog can make a difference and produce some outstanding dogs!!!!

Photos later-still trying to find my way out of the piles of paperwork on my desk, sigh....

Later gators...  oh St Louis next year--already have every thing booked and time off request in!


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