Monday, April 29, 2013

"I" am so late in getting these photos!

By far this is the worst I have been on updating on puppies.  I haven't even got the litter a page on the website!  But then again, my excuses are numerous-most important one being that I'd rather spend time with the babies, my family and the rest of the fourlegged crew then sit at the computer.

With much prodding by someone-ehhem, here's 6 week attempts at posed photos.  It was so not easy.  They have no fear of the table, love being handled and the instant you touch one, they are on the go.   I'm sorry, management forgot to install stop buttons on these--seems to be an on going engineering issue.

Oh sorry-Archie tends to spend a large part of his time on his back-the table was no exception.
 Arcie front-again, these are so not good photos!  What you can't see is the tail wagging in the back.
 And Archie side-this is as good as it got. he really is well balanced, though you can't tell it here. Sigh.
 The perfect girl, Betty.  One shot-that's all it took for her.
 Betty side-again, she stacked, stood still and we were done.
 Hum, can you tell by the smile that someone is smitten with Veronica?
 And last but not least, the absolutely adorable Darby.  He is a hoot, first to explore, "put  me in Coach!" attitude and totally a great performance prospect.
 We had to do it twice for him.  Finally had to have the kids tag team him-so if you cut off the rear on this one....
 ...and use the rear of this photo, you might get a complete puppy.  He makes you giggle everytime.
 And of course, what's fun outside for the first time with out a little help from their friends?  Malcolm, Penny and Cora were just head over heels happy that the babies came out to play and that Pete let everyone else play with them.  Mal and Darby are best buds.

Hope you all had a great weekend and it's going to be 80 here tomorrow!!  50 by Saturday, ugh.

Later gators....


ronstew said...

Please please please submit picture #8 to I already have enough corgis (3), or I'd be scrounging for a deposit for Darby.

That picture deserves a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

the pic of my panda bear on his back is so qute

Cindy said...

@Ron--isn't he just the most precious little thing??? I'm having a hard time letting him go :) And Ms Meredith--"your"? panda bear???? Hum, we need to talk :)

ronstew said...

There he is on corgiaddict!! Most kewl.

Anonymous said...

well, he does come when I call,most of the time

Unknown said...

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I like them very much...Thank's author for that:)

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