Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bad blogger, bad bad blogger

I'm going to try to get back in the swing of blogging.  My head is full of posts but honestly, I just have not been in the mood to put it to the computer.

But for now---I'm giddy and had to tell you all about the exciting plans!!!  Long ago when we built our house, the plan was to eventually turn the garage into more of a dogatorium.  I wanted a space to groom, work dogs, somewhere for muddy and wet dogs to hang out and dry out before they came in the house as well as an office/relax space.   This year we were going to work on some of it.  Add in the north walk through door, then take the garage overhead doors off, frame in a window and another walk through door.  We bought a super cool wood stove last fall and I've got the raised tub for the grooming area.  

Next week, we get some great help in trade for the garage door!   Bartering is sweet in my book.  Our godo friend and contractor John is coming over to help frame the opening, install the window and door.  And he's taking the overhead door and opener off our hands.  We'll also get the north door in and muddy dogs will no longer track through the house!!!   Electrical and milk board walls will come shortly there after, then stove installed, a/c and ventilation fan.   Sigh, I might be organized?  

That's one project done--rest of the summer can be spent with new barn doors, replace slider in dining room with a french door then add the deck.  Owning a home is so much fun!!!!

Let's see, track lighting in kitchen, spare room, study, new lights for dining room and basement stairwell.  And I might need to do some painting too.

Now to win the lottery!

Later gators....


Anonymous said...

wining the lottery would be fun and then i could finish painting my room

Cindy said...

Complain complain complain---I'll buy you a gallon this week and you can do it yourself!

Anonymous said...

OK. by the way, what are we doing this weekend?

Cindy said...


Anonymous said...

any thing else?

Unknown said...

oh you are not bad blogger!

I like your posts very mach:)

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