Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Piggie photos!

Pupdates might be a little sparse the next couple of weeks as the cardigan crew heads down to AZ for the National Specialty.  I'm leaving Hubby and Tall Kid in charge and the most I can expect is for them to keep them clean, fat and happy while I'm gone.  Nothing more but photos would be nice, hint hint hint????

Till then here's the four little piggies at a week old.  Honestly, I think we'll see eyes in the next couple of days!
This is Archie, b/w boy who might have a very special human waiting his arrival!

Betty, just adorable.

Darby, who Liz says has a mustache.
And Veronica, sigh, crossing paws......

Pile o'piggies.  

And another pile-l to r, Darby, Betty, Archie and the biggest piggie, Veronica.

Slight shuffle, Darby, Betty, Veronica and Archie.

Sigh, yes puppy sighs, can't wait to see how much they grow while I'm gone!

Later gators...


Anonymous said...

They do not look that fat in the pics mom

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful, but oh, still my heart!

Liz said...

Tell Alec he needs to cuddle them all every day while you are gone, at least twice!