Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slap my hand

Pam said I've forsaken the blog.  No not really, just massive chaos these last couple of weeks.  So blizzard, then a 3 day work week, then New Years and off for the St Paul shows.  Working in accounting, we were in the middle of month end, year end, 1099's and new properties.  Calgon, take me away!

I should be back in full blogger mode next week, but until then here's a tidbit.

St Paul--Wash goes WD/BOW Friday and Saturday for majors, Mal was WD on Sunday.   Sweeps, Mal beat Wash but Seamus beat us all, sigh.  Cora was select on Friday and Sunday for two major grand wins and one competition win.  And we ran with the akita, up and down the stairs with the bedlington and now, I'm tired.

More later--just gotta find the time to words to computer. 

Psssttt----best news ever shortly.   David's gonna lose his chair again soon!

Just sayin'....

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