Friday, December 28, 2012

I am invinciable!

At least I hope I am against a hairy purple electronic device.

Mom 1 Furby 1

The saga continues.  Those following me on FB will know that a couple of days ago, the kids took the Ms' new Furby and turned it evil.  OMG-talk about scary.  Took me ten minutes of petting it's head to turn it back.  Now I'm not sure of the personality.

I scored one when I used threats to make it quite clear, evil Coco would not come back!

But now, it's learning words.   And I think it's a cross between a Valley Girl and Fargo.

We've got "like, uh-huh" and "ya know".   I'm waiting for it to pick up more of the Ms' lingo-some how she's got a little Minnesota twang going on and you occasionally hear a random dontchaknow. 

The only other issue, watch what you have to yell when around Coco.   Ms was talking to it the other night and kept having to yell at Moose and Abbey to "GET OUT" of her room.  So Coco now says, "Like, really?  Get Out!"   Yeap, the valley has invaded the frozen north.

Watch for the Ms and Coco around the grooming areas at the upcoming shows.  Can't wait to find out what other great words and lingo it picks up from there!

Just sayin'....

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Anonymous said...

not after last night (jan 17 that is) -ms