Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Howlidays!

Yes folks, we survived another wild and crazy Christmas.  Starting with Snowmagedon on Thursday, the truck's up and kaput fuel pump, down to one vehicle, tons of errands, school, work and finally four days off.

We had a great long weekend.  Call from the repair show said truck was fixed on Christmas Eve.  I, the confirmed klutz, tripped out of the van Sunday afternoon, with bags in my hands and missed the first drift.  Ms found my knee prints in the second one though.  Shin is sore, arch in the foot hurts.  Could have been worse--I really had to pee too :)   TMI?  Cold air, snow up my pants and in my shoes-was close-heehee.

Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's new house.  Poor Malcolm got chased by Peanut the cat and Finch came around the corner the same time as he was and barked in his face.  Spent most of the day on my lap or under the table getting fed by Kadence.  I got Mom some new windchimes for the new porch, Ms picked out the sound.  Dad is not happy.

Christmas Day was perfect.  Dogs let us sleep in.  Everyone had waffles(not me), bacon, fruit,etc.  Ummmm.  Santa was good to everyone.  Ms got a Furbie, God help us all.  First thing it does when you put the batteries in, fart.  First three words it learned--Really? No Way?  It giggles, sings, purrs(cat sat beside it for awhile), talks lots and lots of furbish, and yes farts.  I've banned it to her room for now.   Tall Kid got movies, tools.  Hubby got tools, storage stuff for all his tools and the dogs got him new slippers.   Me?  I got a new toy--a Shark.  Clean floors here I come!!!

Nana came over and watched movies, ate dinner and then we all attempted to stay awake while waddling around like engorged ticks.  Which we did watch the Christmas Story :)   Sue brought along Parker who liked following Mal around and bothering him then going over and playing with Connor, Lace and his sister Click. 

Today, Tall Kid and I head back to work.  Hubby and the Ms have the next week off.  For the rest of us it's three day work week, two days off, one day to work, New Years off, then only 1 1/2 days to work, then St Paul here we come.

Hoping everyone had a blessed Christmas, stayed safe, ate too much and enjoyed time with your family.

Just sayin'.....

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