Thursday, January 10, 2013

Itchy and Scratchy

In an attempt to get back on a more regular blogging schedule, this installment is the battle of the humidity.

I have turned off the dehumidifiers in the house.  Yes we run them during the winter.  For some reason, gosh dogs maybe, we tend to be overally humid in the house.   But this year, off.  Possibly thinking about running a humidifier in the dog room too.  Shocking, no?  Yes, static electricity abounds. 

The drought has done us no favors, only 6" or so of snow but rain predicted today, thank you God!    With that, the dogs are molting at an unusual time of year and are horribly dry in their coats.  They get fish oil.  They get a top quality high fat dog food during the winter.  We supplement with other items.  But five of the dogs are just blowing coat, beyond naked.  Abbey first, now sporting her summer wear, Moose is still blowing guard hairs and a naked Moose is a sight to see.  Granted he never carries a lot of coat, but this is just ugly.  Tuli is down to a rat tail and still tufting a little on her neck.  But the worst of them all is Granny Phoebe.  She rolls on the floor and leaves a hairy reminder of her stay there.  And itching.  Itches and rolls and scratches and rubs.  

She got a oatmeal and tea tree oil bath.  She's got the last of the emu oil spray.  I've run out of cottonballs for the tea tree oil.   And last night she went so hard on one spot that she's now got a bloody hole in her shoulder.  I'm about to vet wrap her entire body!   So it's shave the shoulder, peroxide, tea tree and per Doc, time for a medicated bath--lucky I have head-n-shoulders in the house.  That or out to the barn for the M-T-G that we use on the Clydes scratches. 

Oh and stock in benadryl.  A sleepy granny doesn't itch as much.   I've never had it this bad.   Just the amount of hair being blown and the timing.   And before you ask, yes we've checked for other things but two of the girls blowing are doing their post season blows.  Tuli does it out of sympathy.  Moose?  Who knows.  

I'm now taking rain dance lessons--for once, I'd rather have the mud then the dry itchy dogs.

Just sayin'.....

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