Friday, September 7, 2012

Fur mukluks

Or in Eddie's case, he's one of those big furry hats. 

Last night was supposed to be a quiet night.  I put on the sleepy video aka Pride and Prejudice(I LOVE this movie but if I'm tired, I fall asleep immediately).  We all tranistioned into a wonderful sleep until about 3ish.  I woke up with Eddie on my head and Cora by my side.  Rain, lightening, wind and of course, thunder.

You know those beds in the cheap hotels that you put a quarter in and they shake-rattle-n-roll?  Cora has them beat paws down.  Eddie adds in the sauna effect with a little Chinese Water torture slobber drip drip dripping on your forehead. 

Now the key here is that the blue bear was in a crate.  Was.  How he manages to squirm out of it is a mystery.  Never pops the doors, bends them or what not.  They look just like you left them when you put him to bed. 

After about 15 mins of attempting to get back to sleep, the lightening increased.  David got up for the umpteenth time to check windows for rain coming in and I rolled over suggesting that the love birds share a crate the rest of the night.  Not met with great joy, but they can pant and shake together, away from the rest of us.  BTW-Grandma and Frank have been snoring, feet waving at the ceiling the entire time, at the foot of the bed.

So in they go, both latches bolted, clip at the bottom for extra measures, blanket thrown over and I went back to sleep.

So much so, we slept through the alarm this morning. 

Is it 5 O'clock yet?

Later gators...

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