Monday, September 10, 2012

Grinning ear to ear

I think this weekend was one of the best of the year so far.  Granted I've had "winning" weekends, but I like the nice and easy, proud to be here weekends the best.

So what did I do?  Not a damn thing.  Okay, well, not nothing, but close to nothing.

Saturday rolled around with an awesome cool breeze blowing through the window, snuggled down in my own bed with a few dogs borrowed down in the covers with me.  Got up, shower, pull on my jeans and happy that they were loose!   Last weeks stress was a great way to loose weight, though I wouldn't recommend it as something to do all the time.  Cup of tea, then drop Hubby off at his Fair Board all day long meeting.  Me?  Went shopping.  Farmer's Market.  Wine, squash('cause the bugs got mine), radishes.  Then over to the Kettle House for a chat with the owner, pick up some pastries and head home. 

Mom had been by and visited with the Ms who was busy working on her 4-H record book.  Typical, leave it to the last minute and yes, she spent the entire glorious day sitting at the computer typing. 

Anyway, Mom left me a present.....a counter full of tomatoes.  Did she not see what is soon to be chaos in my own garden??  I figure 3 weeks and I'll be up to my armpits in romas and needing new recipes for them.

Anyway, threw an oven full of split tomatoes in for an afternoon of roasting.  Big pot full of the rest for freezer marinara.

Then I had a brain storm or actually it walked by me with leather gloves.  Ms took a break from typing and brushed out her cat and then ....gave it a bath.  I had to rescue it off her back once but otherwise, all went well.

My brain storm?  I now have two smooth griffs, but one has a beard.  Yes great afternoon to shave down Ace for the fall.  Connor was amused by the black hair that was falling off the grooming table.  Then it got a bath and went for a ride to pick up Hubby. 

End of the day, I sat in the chair, enjoying a glass of the wine I just bought and grinning.

Sunday up at the crack of dawn, head to Des Moines.  The grinning part, several people commented that I was just standing there grinning.  Yes I was at a dog show, no I didn't have to do a damn thing but hand off a dog for transport!  It was awesome!!  Tall Kid showed a few dogs.  I spent some money on new leads including Cy's new show lead(it's a beaut!) And sat around with nothing to do.  It was AWESOME!!!

Wanna icing on the cake??  Getting texts from a puppy owner, well he's not a puppy anymore, about how great a day they had with their dog.  Liz messaged me about Max's first AKC agility trial.  He loved it!  One jumpers and one standards leg!   I guess that he gets all excited when they get in the car now and can't wait to get out and run.  Way to go Max and Liz!!!!  You know, I think, baring one exception, some of the best families for my dogs.  They are happy, they love them and they love sharing them with the world.  Those phone calls, texts, emails and photos make me grin every day.  Check out Daybreak Dogs for a prime example-Dawn is having way too much fun with the Wash man!   Keep it up!

Our Des Moines trip ended with Pete now residing in KS.  Hoping things all go well-crossing paws.  Lucretia was great about transporting her for us.  Funny, she seemed to be transporting a lot of dogs for other people :)  It's kind of quiet in the house, Moose is looking for someone to wrestle with and Penny is now in Pete's former crate-not sure what went wrong in the world.  She's funny. 

And as of last night, I was watching the swallows race around the yard, seeing horse butts in the front pasture, dogs lounging in the long grass and grinning.  Gosh, it was a great weekend!

Later gators...

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