Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another one in the books

I'm exhausted.  I need a vacation from my vacation.
Another absolutely awesome Five Season's Dog Show is in the books.  Record numbers of both entries and spectators, weather was almost perfect, okay a little hot but we made it work! 
I want to extend a public - huge THANK YOU to everyone who helps out. I tried to get around to thank everyone personally but show chair duties pulled me in a few directions, well, a thousand, so I didn't make it around like I wanted. 

Yes for those of you wondering about my foot on Monday, I have a high ankle sprain.  Tripped one to many times over the same darn spot that no one else seemed to trip over.  Simple ankle support wrap on it for the day and spending the week sitting on my butt at work.  See how things go, crossing fingers I don't need to see another dr on it. 

Let's see, oh, you want results?????  I've posted most of them on FB.  Want to send out congrats to all the winners.  But since this is my blog, I'm reserving it for my own little brags first :)

Brag #1 (knock knock) Penny (knock knock) Penny (knock knock) Penny.......totally charmed the judge on Saturday and won the BBE class and went on to take the 4 pt major!   The judge, Sharon Ann Redmer, had previously judged her grandmother, Marge, a couple of years ago and awarded her a 5 pt major reserve as well as giving the dog Alec was showing at the time, Nicky, a 4 pt major.  She just raved about Penny and no Alec didn't show her, I did!  We didn't get Best BBE or BOW, poor 6 mo old girl said enough is enough and just didn't have it in the last go round.  I'm good with that.  She did what was needed.  As she matures, she'll get better and better. 
Anyway, Sharon Ann is also an obedience judge. What I love about it when I talked to her over lunch(after judging was over) was that she understands about form and function.  She really has taken an interest in the breed and we talked about some of the dogs in the ring, pros, cons, why what did what, etc.  Her comments on Penny were that she could move-especially considering we were outside on uneven ground.  She presented a correct sillhouette and her structure allows her to move correctly, ie, form following function.  She's got appropriate coat-considering she's blowing her puppy coat right now.  Not too much, not too little and correct texture.  Overally, for a 6 mo old girl(she told me she had to do a double take on her age, didn't believe a pup that young could move that well) Penny is exactly where she needs to be and will-if history is correct, will mature into a very nice bitch.

So there's big brag #1.  Penny also won her Puppy class on Sunday but no points.  She wasn't entered on Monday as I just could not figure out how to get some blue spots on her.

Big brag #2-Moose now has his CD, which he thought meant he could drive the golf crates, not just ride in them.  We talked about that and he's okay with that-his toes don't reach the petals anyway. On to Rally Advanced we go.

Big Brag #3-Ms and Connor won their intermediate class on Saturday, nothing on Sunday, but 3rd on Monday with a spectacular wipe out in the ring.  Yes the Ms hit the corner, landed on her hip, lead slipped her fingers and Connor proceeded to keep going around the ring like he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going.  We all had a good laugh and she's only got a brusied ego.  Turns all red and such when you give her a hard time about not being able to stay on her feet. 

Big Brag #4--not from our show but from parts far and wide.  Seems Liz and Max, joined Dawn, Magic and Wash at a UKC agility trial.  And Max is the first of the Dirty Dozen to get almost the first ass end title!  He qualified and placed in his first two attempts at agility!!1 WOOOOO HOOOO MAX AND LIZ!!!!  Abbey's very proud because at least her children are agile, she's so not.

For the rest of the Amana show results, congrats to:
BOB-Howie, Libbyx2 and Raider, all garnered group placements!
Major wins for Missy's Emma, our Penny, Mary's Robin, and Sam's Tess(to finish!!!)  Cross over majors to the class dogs-Connie's boy 3 of the four days?  Hope that's right and Kim's Lincoln on Monday. 
Cy was BOW all weekend, Cara was WB 3 of 4 days and BOW 2 of those days. 

We had a blast all weekend long.  Great clubs to work with, awesome people and beautiful dogs.  Malcolm came along for the ride and he was a super baby.  Won the breed at the match, then group 4.  Yes Alec was judging but to be very fair and honest, I told him to dump us.  He is very impartial and honestly he's likes Penny over Mal.  So I guess that says something.
Mal also trooped around the grounds with me and sat on the club office counter.  We could have made a fortune for rescue if I'd put up a sign--Pet the Puppy for  $1!   What a good boy.  He even got to meet a special someone who said he's looks an awful lot like his cousin Powell.  And she should know!  Just loved him and can not wait to see me show the Pretty Boy.

So now it's time to clean out the trailer, the truck, unpack the bags, sort, clean and put away for another year.  Thank goodness we aren't showing for a long while, I need a break. 

Eghads--we forgot to collect eggs all weekend!  Guess the dogs are getting a treat for dinner.

More .... later!

Later gators....

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tervnmal said...

It was an awesome and exhausting weekend! Showed 3 days, worked one, two dogs, multiple classes, lots of fun!

Congrats on finishing the CD and all the other corgi greatness!