Friday, July 20, 2012

You know you live in Iowa when....

...the temperature drops to 90 and  you think it's a little chilly out!

Of course nothing good ever last, judging the last 4-H dog show of the year for a county south of us on Monday and it's supposed to be the hottest it's been all year!  100-110-ugh. All the 4-H shows this year have been hot, Alec's done three so far.  Not a good omen for State Fair-he's judging that one this year too. 

Picnic tomorrow--hope everyone close decides to come regardless of the heat.  I'm waiting for a piece of apple pie--I didn't get one last year-hint, hint.  Liz is coming from MN, few others from close by.  Chicken's defrosting, corn will get bought at market in the morning.  Pools ready, just a little bit of mowing and clean up left.

On a fun note, Moose and Penny went to Petsmart last night.  I was working with a gal who is training her dog for it's upcoming TDI test.  We had lots of fun and Penny's confidence levels are increasing.  She's just like her mom and wants to do things on her own terms and when it's not on her's, she gets a little shy.  But nothing fazes her-cars, horns, boxes dropping, groomers and silly dogs.  Moose on the other hand spent the night laying on the cool floor encouraging kids to come up and pet him.  I also got to teach a few people about how to meet a new dog, and some dog safety rules for a kid handling a very, too outgoing lab pup. 

And for those wondering, I seriously have tried to get photos of the blues clueless gang, but either we are dealing with Kaylee the blur or dead camera batteries or in yesterday's case, a shutter issue with the Ms camera.  We'll work on that tonight and I hope for picnic and puppy photos after the weekend is over.

Later gators...

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