Friday, July 20, 2012

Six degrees or less

It's times like this that my faith in the human spirit is renewed.  I mean seriously, of recent the back stabbing, stupidity of some people has made me want to give up everything, move to the Yukon(yes I know dear, your dream).

Email this morning that came from a friend who's sister found an older rough collie sitting on their porch this morning.  Little matted but otherwise, very nice and well behaved.  Gave me the location where it was found and asked if anyone knew of a dog in that area, people that might have lost one, etc.

I replied, let me give a jingle to a friend of mine out there and see.  And yes, she just might know who it belonged to. 

In the end, a dog was returned home through the networking of wonderful people.  The owners are happy to have the dog home and he's no worse for the wear.  Sometimes things just happen, but it's when people react in a timely matter, regardless of any other matter at hand, then usually the end results are good and quick.  Then again, as noted above, there's no hope for some of humanity, for some pride gets in their way and nothing can be done to correct that.  Sigh, oh well.

Later gators....

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ronstew said...

I am trying to get physically fit and have taken to cycling. I signed up for a 125 mile ride on the weekend. 4 miles in, the other seven riders were out of sight. I was happy enough - I had expected that and did not want to slow anybody down. But at mile 40, here was this young woman (younger than my bike!) who had waited a half hour for me to catch up. She said she thought I would enjoy myself more, and be more likely to stay in the sport, if I had company for the rest of the ride.

We finished in 13.3 hours, with a time limit of 13.5 hours. The people she had been riding with finished in 10.5 hours. So, she sacrificed 3 hours of her life to make a stranger's day better.

She made my day. Actually she made my summer.

With today's news about somebody going to the movies to slaughter people, it is good to know there are selfless people too.