Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend rap up?

I had a "three" day weekend.  Working weekend that is.  Picnic, judging and poultry work. 

Recap then...

Picnic-sorry no photos.  We were all having such a great time eating and talking that the cameras, though out, never got used.  For those that cancelled due to weather--OMG, it was like 85 at our place, overcast and some sprinkles.  PERFECT!  Food was great, Liz's brownies are the hit in the house and dare I say, almost gone!  I got my slice of apple pie--thanks Pete/Peter.  The dogs were on their best behavior.  Penny and the Blues Clues were in and out of the pools, under the chicken house and well, entertained everyone.  Overall, we just had a great afternoon. 

Poultry-sorting time.  We got all the ducks figured out-some available, please call and some really nice keepers.  Though the best duck of them all was born with a crooked leg-we're keeping her as a breeder-she's a tri-silver, black and white. 

Judging....was HOT.  The Ms and I went down to Iowa City and the Johnson Cty Fair to judge our last assignment of the summer.  When we left, 104 and only God knows the heat index.  Went well, we had fun and it's a great group of kids.  We'll be down there next year again.

And photos.....just a teaser now, next post will have tons more....
Later gators...

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