Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo hog---lots and lots of photos!

As requested and super hard to fulfill, an afternoon of candids with the Blues Clueless gang. 

River contemplating-big pool or little pool....
 For Karen, the puppy who should be called Nothing But Naugthy....who me??
 Cora and the kids.  Seems she's hell bent on taking out all her frutstrations on Kaylee, who in turn gets her mother right back.
 HI-we're having a pool party!   Yes they get in and out all by themselves and love to run up and jump on a lap soaking wet. 
 Ah, nose, what a wonderful chew toy.
 Really, let me try some.
 The ever beautiful Ms River.
 Just to show how much interaction they get with the horses-fence is fully dog proof.  Glory was getting harnessed up for some ground driving. 
 Peek a boo, I see you.
 Again, for Karen, not the greatest shot but Ms Kaylee the naughty one. Ask me about the ziploc bag adventure and Ms's pajama pants.
 Pretty Boy and the Fluffinator.
 NOT POSED!  The A frame is getting ready for it's pre-storage painting and the kids think it's the best King of the Mountain ever.  They race up and down, up and down, no fear and NO, they hit their contacts and do not jump off the sides.
 And of course the Queen of the Mt, Ms Kaylee.  See Karen, she's already to do agility!
Later gators...next up, ear taping!

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