Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ears 101

This is so not the best photo shoot, but here's a little ear taping demo for those wondering. Yes, I used duct tape, this happens to have pretty little butterfilies on it-Malcom was so not impressed.  But when you have siblings still in the house, anything else comes off too easily and you spend a large portion of each day retaping.

For the collies we use a special Japanese ear tape and therefore have medical adhesive remover in the house.  You can also use Goo-Gone to remove tape but make sure to do some alcohol, witch hazel or waterless shampoo afterwards.  For the cardigans, I typically let it fall off on it's own, but use the removers if I need to take it off sooner.

This litter has ears bouncing all over the place.  As noted, River has had one up for like 3 weeks now.  They just need a little help to keep them up, so no bracing.

Rotate photo and you'll see how her's will look-heehee.

 The before...
 I usually use a 8" or so piece, starting at the middle of the inside of the ear, low on the ear.
 And Alec being the pro at this, had it done before I could take more photos. Ugh.

 How about the other ear?  Wrap it around the base of the ear, to the back, then bring it back up around to the front.
 We usually add "tabs" on either side to help support the ear and then when finishing up on the front wrap, we shorten the strip to make the ear cup rather the making it flat.  Of course the photos don't show it and I know you're asking, huh?  I want to have the ear be curved at the base and not flat, gives a better look and stays up better.
 Ta Da!  Doesn't she look happy?
I'm impressed as much as they chew on each other's tape, all the babies still have it in, it's flat and neat like it's supposed to be!  I'm figuring it'll start falling off by the weekend and they will have nice up right ears.  Wash and Jayne did it all on their own, no need for tape.

Later gators...

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