Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The drought it over!

Made ya' think on that one, didn't I?

I love my friend over at Exercise Finished and her comment about the weather around here--From the famous quote---"Is this Heaven?"  "No, It's Iowa" --- she says, "No, Iowa's one of Dante's Seven Rings of Hell".

It's been hot, unbearable hot.  We sorted ducklings last night for evaluation, moved Mr RoadRunner and his partner to the Chateau Quack.  I stood there afterwards staring at and evaluating the ducklings, spraying the adults off with water-which they really love, and felt the sweat continue to roll down my back, front and legs. 

But the drought I'm talking about is the egg drought.  The usual nest spot had 14 eggs in it last night!  We've been luck to get one or two as of late.   Several things have happened-first we changed feed to a high quality layer mix.  Second-David found the previous way-out of the way hiding spot of eggs and cracked or removed them all.  Third, Missy and her fellow fowl friends are hanging close to the Chick Chalet looking for more strawberry handouts.

Can't wait to see if it's a full fledged deluge of eggs now or just a temperary downpour and we'll be back to the drought by the weekend.

Later gators....

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tervnmal said...

So glad the drought has ended in one respect! This is really turning into a very dismal summer. It has to rain SOMETIME, right? Looking at next week's forecast, so glad the county fairs are over!