Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gotta run!

Quick update-FAIR IS OVER!!!!   Now to find my house again, the yard and oh my the garden.  But that all will have to wait until the heat subsides-if it ever does.

Yes folks, I remember the summers like this growing up.  Wished we didn't have to deal with them again.  We have an excessive heat warning from today through Saturday!  Crushes the 4th of July plans.  Short trip to Mt Vernon for Antiques.  Home to meet up with Dawn and Darryl.  To Marion for more antiques.  Home to spray down chickens, ducks and horses.

So quick up date on Fair-Grand Champion in the Poultry show was Michael's Cayuga duck--Meredith was Reserve to him in the class and subclass!  Her Ancona ducks did well, as did her Ameraucana Hen and Ancona Hen.  Mr Road Runner not so well--he's available to a freezer, farm or who ever wants him--FREE.  Ameraucana Roo did well also.  AND the MS WON her intermediate showmanship class.  Judge pulled her aside after the announcement and told her that it's almost impossible to win using a duck :) 

Horse, not so good.  Glory is now official retired from 4-H except for a riding class next year.  Torey was 5th in a large aged stock gelding class-that's awesome when you are competing against kids who have horses that were bought for 10's of thousands of dollars.  But he only managed two riding classes before he started to over heat.  She didn't get trail  or her last class of the day in.  Ms was smart and got out of the class, cooled him down and told Dad, load up and lets go home, we're done. 

More later on the poultry show and oh, puppies!  Big time photo shoot tomorrow-it's been just too hot and not enough time in the day to do any sort of photos. 

And more on Charlie too.  Big news in his life.

Later gators...

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