Friday, June 29, 2012

We survived day 1 and 2, I think

Holy cow, chicken, dog, goat, sheep, pig and what ever else is in the small animal building.  We survived, I think.  Lost a few pounds, not the way I wanted though.

Linn County Fair started on Wednesday with static exhibit judging-that would be things like home ec, photography, etc.

The Ms took a nice sunset photo, chocolate mint and a pastel drawing.  All blues!  AND......her pastel got pulled for state fair consideration!!   She made it to the final round, no state fair but got a big rosette as an outstanding project.  It's a drawing of Ike-the rescue we had a couple years ago and who now lives in WI with Pam, Leonard, Arlo and oh yes, Brian. 

We set up the dog show on Wednesday evening.  Thursday dawned with what was to be the hottest day of the year.  Temps hovering around 100 and heat indexes into the 110 and above.  Me-I worry about the Ms as she does not sweat so can overheat in an instant.

So we went through three coolers of ice and water, two large water coolers of water and gaterade.  Dogs all did well and none of my kids had real issues.  Borrowed livestock fans from people, kept the air moving and wading pools outside the building. 

Moose spent the day with Brooke, wandering the grounds, playing in the pook and just being a good friend.  Abbey and Miranda did our agility demo.  Judges were awesome!!!!  The kids had a blast and I was very proud of all of them--their hard work showed off!

The Ms was Reserve Showmanship-she was melting and we have an issue with her being too serious in the ring.  Judge told her-if you would smile at me, you would have won.  Eddie smiled.

Actually Eddie charmed a reporter again and we are awaiting his photo and an article on him in the local paper, The Gazette.

Lace was in Open obedience, got high in trial advanced class dog and then immediately got sent home to the A/C.  No agility for her-old age has finally caught up with her and she was the only dog to not do well in the heat. Officially retired now from any showing but is a loaner dog for classes-Matthew will be happy to hear that he has her back full time next year.

The Ms and (my dog-haha, lost another one to her), Pete, were awesome!!! High scoring prenovice dog!  And first place in 16" and under on leash agility.  Time to move to novice.  I was a little concerned that Pete would be too happy to concentrate, that's her typical issue, but she seemed to handle the heat the best of them all and was ready to work.  Again, lost another dog to the Ms.  Bugger.

Let's see--I think my clothes can stand on their own, I smelled horrible and stood in the shower, almost falling asleep last night standing there.  I did keep hydrated, ate a little to keep going and am now enjoying a day at work to recoop.

Tonight-poultry set up.  Tomorrow, chicken check in.  Draft Horse pull.  Clip horses for Monday.  Try and run some errands inbetween.

Sunday-poultry show.  The Ms has four chickens entered-Mr and Mrs Road Runner aka Anconas, The wheaton Amerucana rooster and her white Amerucana pullet.  Then it's the ducks-Two aged Ancona drakes, one young Ancona drake and one young Ancona duck.  She's also pulling her Ancona Chickens for pairs and her young Ancona ducks for the class.  Entries are limited to ten classes.

Then it's Monday-horse.  Torey's been training with some new equipment and it's working out great. 

Then what to do with ourselves?

Later gators...

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Unknown said...

Great time, great experiences, great successes! Keep "showin' 'em how it's done" in the rings, on the courses everyone