Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leave of absence, or is it Absence of Mind?

So it starts.



Or was that yesterday?

I'm just counting down the days till I can go to bed early, sleep late and not have to worry about what we forgot.

No, wait, that's a pipe dream. Sleep late?  Early to Bed?  Not forget something?

Today it's static exhibit judging.  Ms has a beautiful sunset photo, a pastel drawing of Ike(Forget you read that Pam, it's a surprise) and some of her chocolate mint in the herb class.  No rocket this year.  She's slightly disappointed that they no longer launch them so decided not to bother this year.

Did I mention that we(adults) volunteer hours upon hours for the fair?  Hubby's on the board as an adjunct member.

Tonight is set up for the dog show and yes I know, it's going to be blistering.  We are ready for that.  Lots of ice, water, pools, shade and fans. Free Country Concert is tonight with David Nail-I have tickets but too much going on to go.  Pack the rest of the stuff to go up, set up our area and home to wash Eddie and Lace.

Tomorrow, dog show.  All....Day....Long.

Friday, back to work to finish month end.  The Ms and Tall Kid will wash her four chickens for the show, scrub duck feet and bills, pack fans and ice bottles.  We'll go up after work to help Jackie set up.

Saturday-Hubby's got the Draft Horse Pull in the morning, we have to bring up the poultry for check in, decorate cages and help Jackie out.

Sunday-poultry show. All....Day....Long.

Go home, wash and clip horses.  Pack trailer for horse show.

Monday-horse show.  I have to work 1/2 day with the short week ahead. 



Thursday--ANTIQUES!!!!!!!!  Oh and the fireworks.


Saturday--Deliver Jayne and Charlie to their new home in NE

Sunday???  sleep in???  What the heck is that.

I could go on and on and on.  Where did July go?

Wish us luck and I'll try to post some results on Friday. 

For those interested, here's the website....
The Linn County Fair 
It's the fastest growing county fair in the nation.  I think Jen's last email said they expect over 45,000 people over the 6 days!

Later gators...


Taryn said...

That's an impressive website the fair has!

Liz said...

Have fun and take plenty of pictures!