Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh My EGG!!!!

Just got off the phone with my good friend Jackie.

Yesterday at the Fair Livestock Auction, the eggs produced during the poultry show were auctioned off.  Also presented to the fair board was the funds from the Chicken Dinner Raffle. 

The funds covered the purchase of the new cages, a donation to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Fund and for future needs for the 4-H'ers at the fair. 

Then someone prior to the egg auction stepped forward and said any monies raised would be doubled.

Hold your hats folks...

Chicken Dinner Raffle-----$334.00

Egg Auction-----$2000.00

Double that and total to the Fair Board and Lynn Dunn Memorial is a whopping $4668.00!!!!

I joked with Jackie, never doubt the feather friends.  Poultry Power!!!!

Way to go!!!

Later gators...

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