Friday, June 15, 2012

You so rock!!!!

So as posted previously, the babies have taken over Connor's Cool Bed II.  I'm in the market for another one, but haven't gotten it purchased yet.

Cora opted to spend the night with the babies instead of her dog bed.  You would honestly think that with all the toys and crap in the puppy pen, she couldn't be bored.

I woke up to her having flipped the bed over, pulled out and destroyed the fill cap and started in on the air valve.  OMG, I was beyond pissed this morning, promptly kicked her out of the puppy pen and sent her outside so I could try and figure out what to do--we wanted to take it with us this weekend  but desperately need it for next weekend's shows.  Though grooming usually has a nice cool breeze, it can get hot in no time flat.

Can I rave about the bed any more?  YES, because K&H Manufacturing has the most awesome customer service too!   Kelly said no problem and two fill caps(a spare) are in the mail to me this morning and we talked about the air valve and it should be fine. 

The Cool Bed products are durable, easy to use and store well and Connor LOVES his!   Guess it's time to get a couple more.

Later gators....

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